began in September 20

began in September 20, 2014, three in Jiangxi Province, Hubei, Yunnan mobile phone users can handle the number portability service, namely the user feel that the current offer you service Telecom operators quickly, can be replaced with another telecommunications operators in the same number of cases. Looks good? In fact, it began attempts in Tianjin and Hainan Province in early 2009. But the effect is not ideal, have also occurred because the transfer of the network after contact is not timely and caused Lebron James Shoes some economic losses in the case. After a lapse of five years, began to turn to bring a new round of network. Recently, a friend said he wanted to transfer network, ask my opinion. I can only say, don’t worry. Wait and see. Number portability, in my opinion is a chicken ribs policy. A, with practical significance to the network, less why the Ministry originally MII to push the portability of the net work? The reason is simple, it is said that one can promote operators to improve their service level, prevent monopoly by number portability can promote orderly market competition; two is the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men number, can reduce the waste of resources; three is the portability of the net in many countries or regions have, in line with international practice. However, this is in theMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Red White Deep Greyory or in the imagination, according to the test of practice, the effect is very poor. One is the portability of the net from the operators of the great conflict, especially such as China Mobile; two is the number portability formalities complex, not many people are willing to do sth over and over again; three is better than less, at present three operators but also Each has its own merits., level of service difference now is smaller; four is the transfer of the network, there are a lot of mass service, especially bank finance utilities such as gas service relates to short message port modification, more trouble. Therefore, the portability of the net troubles don’t like does not turn the net more. Nike Flex Experience RN Unless the user to their own service Telecom operators extremely dissatisfied, or less do sth over and over Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men UK Online Sale again for the wonderful. two, mobile phone number role in weakening in voice and SMS in the era of mobile phone number, is the key to maintaining the linked heat resource. However, with the rise Micro message and other social networking tools, operators are OTT I another is the weakening of the mobile phone number. As long as you can access the network, a lot of things the rest to Micro message, QQ and these things, so the mobile phone is more access demand. This time, the demand for the network is the largest demand. Unless the differences Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men UK Online Sale between the operators and the speed of the network is very large, it is not necessary to the network. Moreover, there is often WiFi Nike Free Run 3 access mode. On the contrary, with the popularization of mobile applications, a large number of network shopping behavior for safety but also the need for mobile phone Nike Max 90 Current Moire dynamic password authentication. This time Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men UK Online Sale if the number portability, probably because the port number adjustment and not normal use, and even bring security risks. Nike Air Max Women From these considerations, the process of network also is in turn join operators in perfect detail, also should not be anxious to. to make a long story short, the portability of the net although it is a promotion of operator service promotion, promote competition and consumer interests maintenance policy. But in reality due to conflicting operators secretly, related services do not match. Therefore, the portability of the net short term is a chicken