The new platform of old tradition

The new platform of old tradition, concentric source consumer BOSSible Culture Festival are cool? Zhu brother graphic 2015 the morning of February 7th, XiXiangTang District, North Lake tea was a warm and cheerful music, sponsored by the southwest people market, Southwest College Students Employment caravan campus for the Organizing Committee; force Xuan Consulting Management Limited company to undertake the theme is consumption, wealth, culture and Guang Xiyuan consumer BOSSible Cultural Festival 2015 XiXiangTang District the first station here grand opening the. with cardiac oneiromancy action Performing Arts League dreams presided over the group two leaders chaired by Tan Shuli and Yan Wan Qing debut, the opening Cheap Nike Free Run 2 Australia Online Sale ceremony of the Blake Griffin Shoes traditional folk song and dance performances and musical activities such as guest performers, their exquisite skillful performance stunning the presence of all the audience. Although the Spring Festival has not arrived yet, but the North Lake tea here have been filled with rich taste. annual meeting, calligraphy and painting, brown, New Year cake, sausage, bacon Many of the traditional old have the Spring FWomens Nike Air Max 87 Tape Gray White Orangeestival Nanning scenario one one in the galleries, reminds the viewer of the past memories. face take Guangxi major media reporters, Guangxi concentric source consumption wealth culture festival Air Jordan Shoes Womens organizing committee secretary general, Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Australia Online Sale love of university network founder Mr. Zhou Yili said: the university network love mall is a caring, winwin business model innovation, which is composed of College Students’ employment Caravan the university network platform linkage love love mall electronic commerce platform; college students entrepreneurial team love alliance business service center platform; oneiromancy action campus, community bank, rural Cheap Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens Australia Online Sale line featured activities platform; training and retraining practice then practice public training platform four sub platforms locked rigid consumer member in daily life, let more enterprise good product Baotuan for consumers, let the Jordan Nubuck Men students to participate in social practice team get better exercise in the process, and ultimately grow into practical talents. happy assured daily steel Glow in the Dark Jordan Men consumption in consumption vouchers for cash prize, the two consumer, integration of valueadded services and through self for employment record industry get award for promotion and membership Promotion Award the five major benefits; two is love alliance business Baotuan in zero risk under the premise of cooperation to maximize product sales, also won the five big gains new profit Nike Air Max Womens point; three is 1% in every consumer services love fund accumulation, for other services helps college students the employment and entrepreneurship as well as members of the. Couplet this consumer BOSSible Cultural Festival of the main venue is the best interpretation: advocating public Kobe Bryant Shoes cultural stage, economic singing integrity and winwin.

is a kind of belief late autumn night

Single, is a kind of belief late autumn night, the moon house atmosphere, always let people be good to hear or see, feel fresh, clear scenery infinite. The moon men, partings, without a doubt, this sustenance is a kind of looking forward to miss. I view the moon, the boudoir worried about it, feeling? But Kobe Bryant Shoes always can’t describe that pale moonlight, that touch on lightly Nike Air Max Womens loneliness! Copious and fluent moonlight, it is more like a Kangkailinli big handsome, big ramble. Sincere or not, it beckons, single, is also a kind of faith? Umezuma Tsuruko Lin Hejing, roaming JAC, then retired in West Lake alone, Jielu Gushan statement poems. That be on one’s own do not regret this life, vicissitudes never change beliefs, you don’t understand! people said that, love can make people die, do not envy the fairy, but Lin Hejing a lofty scholar completely a story, but better than countless bored Mandarin duck. A commoner Sao boat the back of West Lake, who said he was puzzled amorous feelings? Like the mundane world of fairy scattered in one fell swoop, although a Glow in the Dark Jordan Men check be misfits and the world, but his world monk hard but no lack of such people. As with the poem with abandon, never retained, yes, an arrogant such person, and how to care the world vulgar applause? He is also lonely, but neveWomens Nike Air Max 87 Tape Wine Redr married, yeah, crude fat Rouge custom commitment, to bow and scrape is? The sage of Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Australia Online Sale single, lonely if Gan Li attitude, you don’t understand! Mei’s wife, lofty character clank, stand firm and unyielding; to the crane as Cheap Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens Australia Online Sale child, leaving Air Jordan Shoes Womens no clouds, clear. Lin Hejing drank a lonely life, still boundless, tea cup cup Blake Griffin Shoes sake play down, although the labiodental fresh but always could not say what taste. Because of the single, is a kind of belief! Youth Dou Meng gas, angry King syndrome of Huo Qubing, Le Shi Kai richle belongs to Changan is still reluctant to get married. People asked, he just touch on lightly one, the Huns put out, why house also? in Binghuangmaluan Montreal’s bones, how many people dream of married, his wife and son, avoid the war rove all over the world? And Huo Qubing no, young green honourable, as her momentum, Khan by sunset, cavalry riding hun! A national mission, several brushes with the narrow road against him, make him grow faster than others; the cold sweat tears escaped, but make him excited! Made repeatedly expressed triumph Changan Huo Qubing, emperors all reward, although he married it to always maintain a restrained attitude; it is because of his be on one’s own, so that his life is a legend, white horse Jordan Nubuck Men vanishing, arrows fall en echelon dilute, a road across the Huns earth, unmatched! At dusk near sunset, that there is no worried about the lone figure, it is be in high and vigorous spirits young Huo qubing. Young lean horse sword, horseshoe dust all the way Xiao Xiao, even if be on one’s own, what regrets? Don’t go for the snow, not to rove all over the world, while the dawn people mouth, but Cheap Nike Free Run 2 Australia Online Sale always read an immortal. In Huo Qubing, single, is a belief! University for a year, still single child, Is it right? Also have a copy of their original? University or love, maybe just a chapter of the story, the story of life,

Suffering from uterine cysts it serious harm Core tip: specialists to uterus cyst is a gynecological tumor contrast to see more women in clinic

Suffering from uterine cysts it serious harm Core tip: specialists to uterus cyst is a gynecological tumor contrast to see more women in clinic. Many women in the uterus cyst because of a lack of understanding of the disease, so do not know it has no damage. Experts say: in Blake Griffin Shoes sick must heal active useful. However, uterine cysts can give women’s health and fertility have brought great loss hazards. Some patients want to know had uterus cyst how severe, so let’s Air Jordan Shoes Womens go to gynecological experts to give us introduce uterine cysts damage, broad woman can expect Cheap Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens Australia Online Sale some understanding of this and nip in the bud. of uterine cysts view Glow in the Dark Jordan Men a, uterine oviduct radiography Uterine angiography can not only show the number of ambition, submucous myoma size, and location. Therefore, early diagnosis of submucous myoma was of great help, and the method is simple. Have fibroids at contrast radiography revealed intrauterine filling incomplete. B, the exploration of the uterine cavity probe measurements of the uterine cavity, intramural myoma or submucous myoma often make uterine enlargement and distortion, so the availableWomens Nike Air Max 87 Tape Black Skyblue White uterine probe exploration of the uterine cavity size and the direction, control the double Nike Air Max Womens clinic, help determine mass properties, can understand cavity has no mass and its place. C, diagnosis dilation and curettage small submucous myoma or dysfunctional uterine bleeding, endometrial polyp is not easy to use bimanual found, available to help diagnose uterine curettage. As for submucous myoma, uterine curette in feeling a convex surface, start after the Jordan Nubuck Men slide is low, or feel in the sliding of uterine Kobe Bryant Shoes cavity. D, ultrasonic view the current domestic B ultrasound view is over. Can show the uterus is enlarged and irregular in shape; the number, location, size of myoma and myoma is not uniform or liquefied cystic change; and whether there are other organs surrounding the press reflects the. e, X ray leiomyoma calcification, embodied in the common scattered mottled, or shell calcification capsule, honeycomb like rough and the waves shape or marginal. causes the uterus cyst causes uterine cysts can be divided into congenital and acquired uterine cysts, the former originates from the mesonephric duct and the Mullerian duct, occurred in the posterior wall of the uterus or Cheap Nike Free Run 2 Australia Online Sale uterine bottom; the latter by benign disease secondary to or from the serosal mesenchymal cell development, including uterine fibroid cystic and cystic uterine myoma, cervical and uterine serous cyst of retention cyst. it forms reason and the face of the acne similar, is in the process of cervical ulceration healing, the rebirth of the squamous epithelium Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Australia Online Sale cover cervical gland orifice or extending into the gland, gland nozzle clogging; gland surrounding connective tissue hyperplasia or cicatrization press gland, make gland canal is to jam, glandular secretion drainage blocked, stay formation cyst named Naboth cyst. know

Inventory of entertainment in dare to love hate forthright character actress played in the entertainment circle star

Inventory of entertainment in dare to love hate forthright character actress Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Women Australia Online Sale played in the entertainment circle star, to be successful, must be full of personality to make mass to remember her. There is such Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Women Australia Online Sale a star in the entertainment circle: beautiful appearance and perfect, but the character of people doing Glow in the Dark Jordan Men things, are very openminded. Their heart is thinking, perseverance, play, with its own played in the entertainment circle, have their own career, winning numerous fans love. Let us go to have a look the actress! Yang Mi has a pair of big eyes smart, confident, optimistic, strong, fans all over the world. In the hearts of the fans, Cheap Nike Air Presto Women Australia Online Sale she is the goddess. On the web, Yang Mi also gain a Jordan Nubuck Men lot of controversy, singing voice has been questioned etc However, for often black, Yang Mi has been used, even often self deprecating. She is openminded personality allows users to sit up and take notice, call: this is forcing passersby turned pink ah. Liu Shishi has been dubbed the temperament of the goddess, renruqiming, poetic painting. Her Blake Griffin Shoes temperament is very clean, like otherworldly fairy. But the life of poetry is actually a lively, funny girl, Womens Nike Air Presto High Top Blackbut because the disposition straightforward fans were called Kobe Bryant Shoes poetry ye. Sun Li, a little like a girl in Shanghai, although she was born in Shanghai, long in Shanghai, but she is more like a northerner, particularly bold special friend, also special can endure hardships. Filming often explosions what, she always made a head face of mud is not very fragile, like a like a boy. Although the forthright, but Sun Li is also very caring, tolerant of others. Nike Air Max Womens Tang Yan Tang Yan laughed very moving, like the summer breeze so pleasant; the time not to laugh and classical beauty unexpectedly. She is really the God of love, so choose the easy way out, what kind of attitude has its charm. Tang Yan dare to love and hate, to an affair contributed, frustrated and strong go up, we can see its mind open. Tang Yan, the lovely and lively, careless. In life she loves offroad vehicles, like offroad vehicles bring her feelings: cool, handsome, bold. Fan Bingbing now has his own studio, career success, said fan ye. Atmospheric, domineering, not artificial, business acumen, have leadership talent, for friends, generous. Filial piety to parents, respect work, it may be said the Sanniang desperately. Princess Fan Bingbing age is just a foil, no one think that the little golden girl can have in the limelight of the day. Mobile phone era, Feng Xiaogang let everyone know the other side of Fan Bingbing, charming, enchanting, feminine! Li Bingbing in the circle of strong, independent character is a name, she often said that the sentence is: you are not strong for you who is strong. Air Jordan Shoes Womens Since his debut, Li Bingbing rely on their own hard work steadily up to today’s position is

Friction for border highway six: Detian Waterfall extraordinary as if done by the spirits of the fascinating landscape painting time: 10 month 3 days at class: friction for border highway third days Location: Detian Waterfall Note: spent half a day in the Detian Waterfall

Friction for border highway six: Detian Waterfall extraordinary as if done by the spirits of the fascinating landscape painting time: 10 month 3 days at class: friction for border highway third days Location: Detian Waterfall Note: spent half a day in the Detian Waterfall. The deepest impression is the majestic momentum, a waterfall, a scenic spot is tourists, busy. To tell the truth, to enter the scenic area before, see overcrowding, filling the scene, really want to escape. If not Zhang comrades urged, narrowly missed the beauty of the falls. Cheap Nike Air Presto Women Australia Online Sale scenic link: de day falls in the Sino Vietnamese border, Chinese Guangxi big Xinxian County, is a national level scenic spots. Chinese, Vietnam falls across two countries, is the first in Asia, the world’s fourth largest transnational waterfall falls more than 200 meters wide, and Vietnamese board about waterfall connected. The waterfall magnificent, full of twists Kobe Bryant Shoes and turns, levels fall, water potential surges, expressed in number. The waterfall water emergency relief when, when, with many twists and turns in the towering old trees; more flowers and set off, the birds never. The river suddenly iWomens Nike Air Presto High Top Blackn the cliff, feixie, standing under a waterfall, the water vapor transpiration, connected to Windham, the billow onrush, folding and Glow in the Dark Jordan Men poly, even red three. Look at the top waterfall, the peaks floating, waterfall such as inclination; Shuimo flying, such as the Pearl Hoh million. Detian Waterfall is grand and magnificent, colorful, Blake Griffin Shoes clear streams, never dry Xie, regardless of seasons, rain rain and fog, each with a distinct modality. Their courage, their momentum, its elegant demeanour, shock soul photo soul, shaking heart. Here Nike Air Max Womens all the year round a variety of scenery, the most beautiful, colorful, clear streams, never dry up and rest; here the peaks of Kit Kat, mist disappeared, if the mirror lake, the river such as the jade belt, rocks and towering, Ancient trees tower to the skies., king is the step by step, everywhere feelings. Waterfall scenery different seasons, spring, grass fan Qing Ling, Air Jordan Shoes Womens mountain flowers TuYan, cotton tree in full bloom, Canruo Yunxia; summer, the lush flowers and trees, Qingfeng bath water, the torrent like dragon, avalanche, like thousands of horses and come; in autumn, cool breeze, terrace gold shop, do Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Women Australia Online Sale storied dye, everywhere golden; winter, Qunfeng Qiaoba, empty mountains Meng Joan beads, shiny, Yuye Chan waterfall, mountain breeze blowing the trickle of durian. No matter rain clouds, the seasons, always the mood. Tour de day, can make your heart like the book, no dust. Landscape gallery national class scenic spots and one two three gathered more than 40 scenic spots. National class scenic spots of Detian Waterfall magnificent, silver waterfall diarrhea, three level drop, spectacular, the courage, the style, the style, the earthquake shaking heart Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Women Australia Online Sale soul photo soul. However, Detian scenic beauty of the scenery, but also more than just the Detian Waterfall? Qi Zhi, verdant trees of the Blackwater River, Jordan Nubuck Men the shore of the beautiful wonders, rocks all over the thunder flat stone forest and the aquatic stone forest, mountains and around the cave.

Girl rider parade in Pingguo mostly Huisheng colorful fireworks rider tour beauty in metropolitan Pingguo Huisheng colorful fireworks photo: Liu Guoxiong 20 days seems to be a good day

Girl rider parade in Pingguo mostly Huisheng colorful fireworks rider tour beauty in metropolitan Pingguo Huisheng colorful fireworks photo: Liu Guoxiong 20 days seems to be a good day, I heard that one day there are a lot of activities held. I went to Pingguo County in Pingguo mostly exchange project garden, marketing center, model of the housing and activities in the morning, the afternoon back in better hope. Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Women Australia Online Sale Yi Jing Wan Star night. The Guangxi construction group construction mostly exchange opening ceremony is very characteristic, horse racing, beauty, cannon, open the door, the rider colorful fireworks, very Hyun oh. participated in a lot of real estate activities, also went to Pingguo many times, didn’t think this time to Pingguo what can be fun. But when we came to the ring road are remitted the scene, saw several buildings still under construction, and then to see is the sun of 3 horse tall and strong, the lead horse General Ma Zhuang lot, tall and mighty, special type. There are next to the two riding a white horse and rider’s beauty, valiant and heroic in bearing. The 3 horse is horse races are of European descent, the leading big horses pulling a Blake Griffin Shoes beautiful carriage, it is saWomens Nike Air Presto High Top Blackid that day in the Pingguo County parade Cheap Nike Air Presto Women Australia Online Sale lap, caused a sensation, if can sit up a lap just fine. when garden, marketing center, a model of the housing opening ceremony began, leadership speech, ribbon, press the glass ball, fireworks bloom these routine procedures, background plate behind the sudden leadership opened slowly, the original is the open metropolis Glow in the Dark Jordan Men gate, also from the inside raised the colorful fireworks, the scene is very shocked and look, is create new styles. With our guests in it together, see is already completed the European royal garden, luxurious marketing center and hardcover model. European royal garden from San Marino square on the Spanish steps that moment, Italy romantic feelings will appear in front of us, to see the Hollywood movie Roman Jordan Nubuck Men holiday movie one one show, the Royal gate fountain, the four seasons, the princess goddess and the sea king Leavitt sculpture fountain, M Cho, combined with Air Jordan Shoes Womens the whole axis landscape ground detailed pavement, citing parquet pattern, Seiko quality take in everything in a glance. King palm array axis landscape, tall and straight, bright and brave, 6 meters high tree species of native transplantation, other species are also the primary transplant trees. luxurious Marketing Center with Baroque style unique ambience, facade and wall pattern carved Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Women Australia Online Sale magnificent, the slope of the roof, the pillars of red spires, let you feel the Baroque and unrestrained style of architecture, crafted Nike Air Max Womens construction quality, without exception, to highlight the Seiko. hardcover model the perfect apartment layout, perfect home! Apartment layout layout founder, and has introduced home garden, indoor garden panoramic landing Piaochuang, double balcony design, to maximize the use of home space. Kobe Bryant Shoes I and Deng reporter when looking at the house model, discovery is this subject: the building area is 7710

yesterday to review: the Tuesday market and Tuesday market trader strategy: don’t look

yesterday to review: the Tuesday market and Tuesday market trader strategy: don’t look, not bad, small Yin Xiao Yang is all right, the main is to do the stock, there will not be any big yin. Hailun strategy: Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Women Australia Online Sale continue to bargain hunting Shigekura festivals, but to pay attention to, must bargain hunting safety is hot stocks, such as the beginning of last week Chinese Unicom suction immediately dozens of points, 6019129 and 600831 from the 10.4 limit, recommend up a few points, online education our stocks of 3 and special rose up, we also lurk some will start the hot, will be gone. We should grasp the hot rhythm is the most important Both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index opened higher in early trading on , and then present concussion uplink. The gem index slightly callback finishing. Lithium battery, vehicle, security, new energy vehicles, the charging pile plate is the main force to do more than the market. Two city turnover show enlarge signs. Financial stocks rose, making the prev 3250 points upward, although today 14 new collective listed, Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Women Australia Online Sale market is still running smoothly. As of noon closed, reported prev 3248.82 pointWomens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Silver Pinks, or 0.82%, turnover of 150300000000 yuan; Shen Chengzhi to 11751.48 points, or 1.35%, turnover of 146300000000 yuan; the gem refers to the newspaper 1898.96 points, or 0.12%, turnover of 33300000000 yuan. afternoon, there is a wave of diving, is the main exchange, not out. Closing the same red. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men technology, the Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Women Australia Online Sale weekly to five weekly, the weekly top 10, perfect, although the daily J values. But the festival like red, because the stock speculation continues to. look from the disk: gene sequencing, ferrosilicon, insurance, Blake Griffin Shoes auto, Xi’an, Shanghai state owned assets supervision and administration reform, free trade zone, Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the concept of Ma Yun Tesla, new energy automobile plates were among the biggest gainers; the concept of P2P, electronic invoice, security, Jiangsu stateowned assets reform, sports industry, online travel, 4G concept of plate a decline in the. Stocks, apartments shares, Qinling Mountains cement, environmental protection, Central Plains city transit vote, United, Shanghai Putian, Dongyuan electric, Pearl River Piano, Yin Zhijie, iShares information, central technology, fairy altar shares nearly 40 stocks trading. Afternoon, the market pulled after Nike Air Max Womens although the wave of diving, but eventually secure closing. day, the market like red, along the 20 line upward, five weekly has stood well, plate probe is okay. The most important is to do the stock. The last 6000831 recommended rose 50 points, China Unicom also up a few points, the other time bargain hunting 601929 Kobe Bryant Shoes trading yesterday, today and yesterday rose, bargain hunting 600680 trading today, and the green disc today bargain hunting after sucking up 7 Jordan Nubuck Men points, then the afternoon one, after trading. Air Jordan Shoes Womens after year, people grow up, account has also grown up, I wish you all next year account account increase horsepower, run in several times, I wish you a happy new year, happy.

public welfare is a flower

public welfare is a flower, it is not Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Women Australia Online Sale open in the material on, but on people’s minds. In January 22, 2015, the fourth session of the China public festival a landing in beijing. China public festival was established in 2011, is the first initiated by the mass media in the public welfare in naming festivals. The public section from the original readily commonweal, DDB Chinese to this year’s welfare effects of China, are set up Air Jordan Shoes Womens to public interest for the purpose of the dialogue platform, carry forward the modern public spirit, advocating the public welfare behavior for the purpose. Each public festival will attract from political, Blake Griffin Shoes business, academia, the media and the elite from all walks of life to participate in cultural and artistic, hundred media reports, in the domestic influential. public section through the festival in the form of public interest two words to win support among the people, to express a thought, let people feel is a kind of public attitudes, and feelings of love, the relationship between man and man is not awaken as a link to the interest, but with love and moved to bridge the beauty. large scale public ceremony let love be eternWomens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Grey Black Pinkal inheritance fourth China public festival by, global network, the financial sector, network, China network finance, Sohu focus public welfare fund, Chinese Glow in the Dark Jordan Men charity news network, PR Newswire, Baidu public, the Chinese net, JINGWAH network, MSN Chinese network, Shaanxi TV, Sichuan TV, China times, international business daily, Qiushi Xiaokang magazine, Oriental entrepreneur and digital business era, China Sankei news network, BNET business school, China new era magazine, China news finance and economics, welfare in China, modern enterprise culture magazine, 360 news, Niuliwen media jointly organized the public festival theme is: Jordan Nubuck Men using the welfare impact of china. through the growth and accumulation of three years, public festival has become very largescale public ceremony, this year’s event set the opening ceremony, the public forum, public sharing multiple link exchange, salute ceremony etc Each link reveals the public characteristic of the theme, show the characteristics of public welfare event. Many enthusiastic and participate in public welfare of friends from all walks of life come together again in this winter, continue to look for those that support our inner spiritual strength. on the day of the keynote speech session, midvein Kobe Bryant Shoes road and Foundation Chairman Li Shuran, Xugong Group Assistant General Manager Xu Xiaohui, CA gallop vice president Yang Hongjian, Nike Air Max Womens Bonte group deputy general manager He Liu, Jude lighting chairman Zhen Zimeng, Anakin medicine vice chairman Jin Dongkun, Schneider Electric’s public affairs director Xu, Nuo Tianyuan China Trading Company Limited Market vice president Ye Chuangwei, Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Women Australia Online Sale Bao car rental CMO Wang Zibing, social entrepreneur foundation Deputy Secretary General Han Jing, vice president Lin Dan, Zhiyuan software investment Eisai China pharmaceutical drug Yamada Eki, of the Department of the Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Women Australia Online Sale Secretary of the Chinese medicine induced Jun vice general manager Li Rongrong and other guests to share best practice as a high sense of social responsibility enterprises in the charity, won warm applause from the participants. in the morning to public spirit of exploration and innovation in the era of new economy is the theme of the public forum, star rain director Tian Huiping, Hiro

according to the reference news network reported on 12 February

according to the reference news network reported on 12 February, the French police in Paris announced in February 6th, they carried out mass arrests in the greater Paris area, uncovered a more than 200 Chinese Ji call female prostitution prostitution media network. The site must Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Women Australia Online Sale be responsible, dedicated to the local and to France Chinese rich service provides pleasure. Chinese women overseas prostitution is old news, but China rich massively in overseas prostitutes but in the past have never even heard of it. The rich sporadically in overseas prostitution phenomenon, must already exist, but, in many countries and regions, more inclusive of pornography, or even completely legitimate, so rich in prostitution after, was unlikely to reveal to the public. The China rich prostitute was first reported in Paris is still the local media, until 6 days later, Chinese staterun media have carried out follow up. When the message on each big portal news position, immediately Public opinion is seething with indignation. Many netizens can not help but sigh: China rich really lost and went abroad! as everyone knows, Paris is the fashion capital of the world, it should be said, the women here than in otWomens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Red White Greyher parts of the woman is the more fashion, more female charm. No matter what color, can let a person feel amorous entering Paris. Beauty in everyone’s heart, a Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Women Australia Online Sale woman in Paris fashion beauty, men see a few eye no ground for Glow in the Dark Jordan Men blame, but, from the many rich China to have not only appreciate, but also think intimate contact. Maybe is aimed at the China rich psychological, more than 200 Chinese nationality female prostitution in Paris call, including no girl students. Prostitution and whoring is all Chinese, a strange landscape is Paris. Those foreigners blond people Air Jordan Shoes Womens may wonder: a huge Chinese, don’t sell our clients and hiding place? Since the beginning of the in Dongguan vice storm swept across the country, many daily almost is openly welcoming prostitution places have put up the shutters. Many habits to prostitution to the prostitution of women or moving overseas, either to change policy. And those who love prostitutes of the rich for the sake of safety, it is often out of Jordan Nubuck Men the country, obtain physical pleasure in overseas. China of prostitutes and their clients are forced to explain the foreign, China pornography Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Women Australia Online Sale and anticorruption received obvious effect. To be sure, one part of it is elegant in Paris prostitutes China rich, also is the public service personnel. Unfortunately, the Paris police and media failed Blake Griffin Shoes to publish a list of these clients, if the public, estimation Kobe Bryant Shoes and can pull out a series of corruption cases. in France, organized to provide a prostitute is a crime, referred to as the sex trafficking crime. This accusation is equivalent to China the crime of organizing prostitution, but, from Nike Air Max Womens the text, the sex trafficking crime is more than the organization prostitution crime more concise and appropriate estimation, organizers will face some sentence. Chinese rich reputation in overseas has not good, for example, outrageous flaunt wealth, now and Shanghai, prostitution, can be said to make the image of one disaster after another. Although the above cases only

circle of friends information flow caused by the hot in a week later gradually restored calm

circle of friends information flow caused by the hot in a week later gradually restored calm, but the huge energy primary advertising bursts are quick to subvert Blake Griffin Shoes the traditional marketing value and budget allocation model. According to research institutions in the Jordan Nubuck Men United States BIAKelsey prediction: in 2019 the United States social media native ad spending will reach $18400000000, and $5400000000 in Glow in the Dark Jordan Men 2014 compared with 240.7% growth. But from the actual Kobe Bryant Shoes data, more than nine former Facebook months of 2014 7900000000 advertising revenue more Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Women Australia Online Sale than half from native Nike Air Max Womens advertising, namely information stream advertising. so, what is the flow of information advertising? Information flow advertisement is inserted in your social media, as other content style almost and you can see, you can even to the point of praise and comments, and see your friends comment. At the same time, the information flow is also interested in advertising multidimensional directed by, as far as possible will reduce advertising harassment degree, that is the ideal paradigm mentioned: advertising is a part of life. in the country, although WeChat information flow advertising has just started, however, space, Renren social platform for information flow advertising is already very mature, produced a lot of win Womens Nike Air Max 87 Pink Black Whiteuniversal praise of the classical case, is also one of the few areas of digital marketing Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Women Australia Online Sale value of a gusher. To microblog as an example, last year the Q3 information flow, advertising revenue reached $22800000, a yearonyear growth of 438%. And the socalled circle of friends advertising advertising gold mine hidden billions to join, Air Jordan Shoes Womens certainly will will usher in a new round of blowout native advertising. Original: the big three is almost the same wind sneaked into the night, moisten things silently is the highest realm of marketing people social storm to pursue, how will the brand information and media information com. symbiosis is a test of the wisdom. Social leader FaceBook keen to discover such opportunities and threats, the first information flow advertising precedent, suffering in the profit after profit question finally opened the valve. In form and content of the advertisement, information flow does not seem too much difference between the three platforms: advertising content and friends content more Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Women Australia Online Sale consistent, broken feeling low. creative: FB microblog information form rich, micro letter to H5 based based on FB in graphic performance, at the end of last year also launched a 15 second video information flow to the user automatically mute in advertising, broadcast, which greatly enhanced the form and content of advertisement carrying capacity, can be creative space is relatively large. In this three big platform of information flow, microblog advertising creative: the highest card information into a stream of video advertising content, activities, goods and other elements, and achieve substantial optimization in display form, rich media show form compared to the ordinary microblog content is more visual impact and appeal At the same time, the unique social marketing characteristics of open, through social relation chain viral marketing to further expand the advertising effectiveness As the bright younger generation Junior Boys, form WeChat information flow advertising look at present also compared the traditional single, mainly in the picture text