over the past 20 years the Internet has opened up the door of human communication

over the past 20 years the Internet has opened up the door of human communication, make us closer, communication is more convenient, more efficient. But the byproduct of this all the benefits it brings prominent, in Nike Air Max Women the information network technology a prosperous situation, full of vigour of advancing the Internet still exist in the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men dark side, has gradually become a potential threat to the development of the Internet more and more powerful. Pugh research center on Wednesday issued a report on cyber bullying report, each of the 10 Internet users, 4 had suffered cyberbullying, 73% of respondents said he had witnessed the occurrence of cyber bullying behavior. Forms of these behaviors are physical threat, human flesh search and tracking, sexual harassment, of course, the latter mainly exists in the female victim user. The report has received a total of 2849 respondents feedback, is a report of research on cyber bullying Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale behavior history the most detailed. The report points out, cyber bullying behavior according to the implementation results can be divided into two kinds, one is the public abuse, humiliation, threat of verbal behavior, and one forWomens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Black network users of smaller individuals, such as the human flesh search, longterm abuse and physical threats. The latter is more dangerous, a Nike Max 90 Current Moire greater degree of violation of personal rights. the past several years, cyber bullying behavior has caused some minor Dutch act of death, some people work and life suffered serious trouble. On twitter Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale had to protect the identity of the Gamegater game player movement, this is a good thing, http://s3722.cn/news/html/?365.html but in Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale the later evolution of many game player violence and sex discrimination act, to become developers of games media workers, malicious attacks, and most of these victims were women. In this campaign, several women were threatened with rape, their mailbox is hacked, the letters were posted, at least two women after receiving the specific threat is forced to move, change jobs. is active on the Internet of the Canadian Game Critics, feminist Anita? Sakeyi Sean, frequently suffered death threats, even when he was invited to lecture on the eve of the Utah State University, who still wrote to the University, the Lebron James Shoes threat once Anita went to the lecture, the school will be occurred in the history of arrogant shooting. His basic appeal, but is Nike Free Run 3 a basic principle of feminism based call the vendors in the game less some women by men to save the picture and plot, more equality between men and women of the bridge, less exposed and ambiguous lens. To her attacks and death threats, since several years uninterrupted. entertainers suffered cyberbullying ratio is also very high, actor Mira? Jovovich recently announced the cessation of interaction with users on twitter on the Internet, because he suffered human flesh search and tracking threats. The Chinese star Hsu Chi, Chapman To, Wu Zhenyu, Ma? Also have shut down the bo. Recently, actor Yuan Liceng was humiliated and abused the network after crying, Cui Yongyuan advised them off the bo. Nike Flex Experience RN in the Pugh report shows that women are the biggest victims of cyber bullying, 26%1824 year old female

the day before the July 7th Valentine’s day

August 1, 2014, Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale the day before the July 7th Valentine’s day, in the city of Hangzhou Yintai office met not seen for many years Fu Zhengjun, having a great reputation in the ten Nike Air Max Women years ago by Glow in the Dark Jordan Men a group of careless root stationmaster today already listed 9158 and Sina SHOW’s parent company achieved a magnificent transformation, has become a cuttingedge IT protector. ten years passed in a flash, happened to turn the world upside down change China Internet, but as a listing Corporation boss Fu Zhengjun whether from the appearance or temperament, there is not much Nike Flex Experience RN difference and the year. In the listing Corporation founder I interviewed, Fu Zhengjun should be the most like the boss’s boss, the upper part Nike Max 90 Current Moire of the body of a black red collar Tshirt, lower part of the body loose jeans, black flat shoes with no socks, three words as if written in the face of Fu Zhengjun. A little after the listing of , the face of the lens of Fu Zhengjun is the domestic each big mainstream media bombarded like reported half a month, in the face of our interview is very tired of Fu Zhengjun still do a job with skill and ease, undertake discourse and discourse is full of lWomens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Blackogic programmer age out of the exercise good physical strength, so that I can not help but feeling entrepreneurship is not only mental competition, is the Physical contest. Fu Zhengjun founded 9158 time is around 2005, it was the Chinese blogs and SNS concept of staggered in the 1980s, a group of social network is sudden appearance, such as school happy, 51 and so on, at the time of the http://web.yanshi.tuidc.net/2044/news/html/?393.html beach goers are Cheng Binghao and Pang Shengdong these people, words like social network is the mainstream. Fu Zhengjun at the time of its anti Road, made a non mainstream things, that is the main video social 9158, in that era video has Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale just started Lebron James Shoes in China, can predict the future social video can do it, I am afraid no one would have thought that in addition to Fu Zhengjun. Several years later, in the 9158 example, 6 rooms, popcorn, YY and so on are learning, involved in the social field of video, to achieve the business Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale and leaping Tengfei company scale. has said, is by 9158? Silk group holding listed, some people say 9158 to support its development is the willingness to pay strong elite users; some people say 9158 money are beautiful women, male anchor no opportunity; some people say 9158 show ugly amount, violated Internet thinking. Or. Let us listen to what Fu Zhengjun said. left for Fu Zhengjun The following is Ding Road Division and Fu Zhengjun dialogue record thanks to hard finishing recording sb: Ding Daoshi: I knew the Fu is always a grassroots webmaster in more than 10 years ago, the previously mentioned Fu total I would have thought that such a few tags Tai Chi chain, home owners, Hua Jun software park, A Fei, Discuz!, I feel your this group of people doing things is very solid, pay attention to the utility of a product, but ignore the beauty. You do Nike Free Run 3 9158 compared to peer back a number of years, but the entire software interface looks very rough, what is the cause of your heavy products, light art?

Abstract: different is

Abstract: different is, we through the charm of personality to build relationships, not the content. Since the media may be you go to river Glow in the Dark Jordan Men tools but not a goal in itself. Shen sound visit Shen sound that day, the weather is very cold and windy, because of the traffic jam, I was late for 20 minutes. front end a cup of hot tea, such as deep red wine, Nike Flex Experience RN is Pu’er Tea cooked Tuo entrance glance, passing out front of this NTA innovation diffusion mechanism, some Cheap Lebron James 10 Kid UK Online Sale express their social habits, and the small details of different. I take the sum of these details, understood as Shen sound mentioned, brand or institutions may be associated with Shen sound identity is quite much, such as the magazine cofounder, former executive editor of business sense; author; he served in Nike Max 90 Current Moire the Youth Daily China Global Entrepreneur China is a famous media person and columnist, is also CCTV win in Chinese, a property Chinese operators and Cheap Lebron James 10.5 Men UK Online Sale other columns of special planning and guests,Womens Lebron James 11 Shoes Light Yellow Black etc but these terms did not appear in him a business card Lebron James Shoes information, and even the name of the company is not mentioned in the NTA, and wrote independent new media, the back of your card is also very simple, only the logical thinking and Kyle said this two dimensional code. if you are interested in the topic from the media, perhaps know Shen sound http://s3722.cn/news/html/?365.html is now very the fire logic thinking producer, more precisely, the behind the scenes operators. independent new Nike Air Max Women media may be Shen sound as the main media since the separate, is his own words; in business, the body will be with him, as the NTA communication mechanism innovation of marketing subject linkage, this is just a guess of mine. Logo of the new company, uh, if you read biochemical crisis, I feel a little photo tail that Umbrella company logo, in the open, showing a moment, radiation type and rated imagine a luminous body movement. light body is a depiction of the Shen sound from Cheap Lebron James 11 Shoes Women UK Online Sale the media, in the logical thinking operation also runs through this understanding. Yu see: now the two since the media item is your business? Shen Yin: count ah, of course, there may be more than 60% of the energy used in the above. Yu see: the logic thinking, with your old Luo Zhenyu who does what? Shen sound: he is mainly responsible for the content, a lot of effort invested in content; I am mainly responsible for the operation and the later commercial development. Yu see: some time ago you recruit member, then say don’t forget the original heart, started a 10 years of Internet experiment, what is the core content of this experiment? Shen sound: the creation of a knowledge based community charm of personality, and Nike Free Run 3 eventually become a

short video has been in China for more than a year

short video has been in China for more than a year, from the beginning of the dozen, Nike Air Foamposite Women until now only minute, beauty and shoot the second shot three, the continuous exploration in the future direction of development. Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice recently in micro, found that of the 2.9 version of new upgrade play taste more foot, such as the addition of new features 5 minute short video, there is support for Re camera such third party video. Experience, such as 5 minutes of shooting, play mode is indeed different, when filming, no longer hold the racket, easy and convenient, but also can use the rich filters, special effects and music, touch screen can make video large. Obviously, by adding this functionality, depth and quality of micro will further enhance the video content, and will meet the short video users existing basic shooting, sharing demand, gradually expand outward into the broader population, micro appeared on many elaborate skit is one of the important performance. coincidentally, the recent federal and shoot the second beat have launched a 60 second video funMens Dwyane Wade II Black Redction. The difference is, beauty and shoot the second beat variability in duration, it is only for ordinary people to provide more space for the filming, and micro is provided directly by 8 seconds Blake Griffin Shoes and 5 minute time limit of Nike Air Max Mens two kinds of shooting, reflect the common people video demand and between PGC content consumption differences, extend the more may in 8 seconds outside. http://028dswx.com/news/html/?15298.html in a shark appears, this short video scrambling to expansion, may also represent the future of such change trend. , the improvement of network environment, let a short video acceptance constant uplift. Recent studies found that Yi Guanzhi library, intelligent mobile phone with the gradual popularization and moving speed, the Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale flow rates of the continuous optimization measures, short video social gradually release the Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale vigorous market demand, makes the video begins as a general communication similar words, pictures in the form of transfer out, and received extensive attention of Internet users. But in addition to social outside , short video attention but also in attracting a large number of stars Master and ordinary users to enter, and produce large numbers Air Jordan Shoes Mens of UGC video, derived from the new ways and new patterns of various kinds, and always enjoy it. For example, in the popular this year ice challenge, more and more people through a short video sharing platform Nike Air Force Ones live and forwarding, thus forming a topic more effect. It is not difficult to imagine, once an Internet product inspire user participation enthusiasm and initiative, and it has taken root vitality, Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale must have unlimited potential to mining. Changes of two, the needs of the user, the birth of a short video function continuously extension . The relationship between the product and the demand function of user this complementary, is one of the typical Micro message, from the previous voice chat tools, Micro message has now become

December 12

December 12, 2014, heavily subsidized offline payment, an important means of marketing is seen as Ali promotion Blake Griffin Shoes this line Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice of mobile payment. Earlier, in 2014 September the Apple Corp launched ApplePay is more effective to strengthen the user remote payment habits, accelerated online trading funds transfer from the PC terminal Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale to mobile terminal. in the two under the influence, with the construction of domestic communications technology for many years, the intelligent mobile phone popularization, industry in the field of mobile payment scale Nike Air Force Ones application era! mobile Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale payment growth potential in recent years, benefited from the development of China’s cheap intelligent mobile phone industry, the rapid popularization of intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone Internet users increase rapidly. According to CNNIC statistics, as of the end of 2014 6, intelligent mobile phone users in China reached the scale of 480000000, Air Jordan Shoes Mens 150000000 growth in 2013 than in February, accounted for 91.1% of mobile phone users, intelligent mobile phone has become an important carrier of China’s mobile Internet development. perfect background in industrMens Dwyane Wade II Red Whitey hardware and software infrastructure, China’s mobile payment users and trading volume to maintain rapid growth. According to iResearch released data, the second quarter of 2014, China’s third party mobile payment market transactions amounted to 1383460000000 yuan. on the other hand, with the people to enhance the purchasing power of payment demand also has diversified, of which domestic young users for mobile payment to show the use http://ksjsdn.com/news/html/?932.html of high viscosity. iResearch the latest data show that in 2013 China’s Internet users use mobile payment frequency difference is bigger, the netizen of 28.3% per month Nike Air Max Mens to use 1 to 2 times, accounting for the largest; monthly using 3 5 times of users accounted for 24.5%; use 10 times a month or more mobile payment users have 23.4%. From Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale the age structure, age lower use of mobile payment frequency is high, at the age of 18 Internet users, more than 10 times the monthly use of mobile payment users amounted to 40.91%. ApplePay power to promote mobile payment includes remote payment and nearfield payment. Remote payment refers to the user through the mobile phone network for payment, account operation; near field pay is the phone through the radio frequency, infrared, Bluetooth and other channels, to realize the close communication between technology and automatic vending machine, POS machine terminal equipment NFC. domestic twodimensional code to pay with NFC more popular, but for security reasons, the central bank payment since 2014 March warning of twodimensional code business risks, however, at present the two major platform of micro letter purse and wallet are support pay treasure payment twodimensional code, bar code, the practical application is not Nike Air Foamposite Women affected. The core issue of mobile payment security property is higher than NFC, because the security properties of twodimensional code to pay, so the expected by the market. near field pay channel

group purchase amount of the transaction is not expected to be under attack from all directions

group purchase amount of the transaction is not expected to be under attack from all directions, vertical, even should have been good news for $700000000 financing, the industry has been confirmed as the rumor, near the end of the year, beauty group negative ridden, quite good. If said, these foreign aggression is only an enterprise in the development process will encounter setbacks, can be regarded as the early party healing skin injury, so the United States delegation on its internal problems, it is the key of the median lethal blow. funds, basic first sacrificed recently, the emergence of a wave of group purchase sales team to leave the tide around the front, there are varying degrees of depletion of numbers, the central China area, a city of 10 sales turnover of 8, Blake Griffin Shoes leaving only the city manager and a newly recruited college students. According to the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice United States Mission grassroots marketing said, December, beauty group began to implement a new performance system, after the adjustment, the sales staff performance income greatly reduced, perhaps this is the main reason for the sales team turnover rate increased. Nike Air Foamposite Women The army was not moving, the forage, in sales at the end of the year sprint occasion, general enterprises are not easily move saMens Dwyane Wade II White Red Blackles of cheese, beautiful group to do so, is likely to be under financial pressure. At present, Beauty Group employees to reach the scale of 9000 people, industry estimates, the per capita wages 25003000 Nike Air Force Ones yuan, other welfare plus, beauty group human spending this year amounted to 400000000 yuan, and at present the field fight hard, it is time to rush to spend money. in order to save money, beauty group also employ a large number of parttime. Some http://haizi2014.com/news/html/?115297.html time ago, beauty group internal staff Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Canada Online Sale bid, said a department employees and interns ratio is 1:9, Nike Air Max Mens the intern workload and formal employee salary no difference, but far worse, to fast when positive, will try various devices to force you to leave. so the personnel system, not only exposed the financial distress of beautiful group, more revealing beauty group extensive management problems. there Cheap Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale are a number of ways to broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, but beauty group chose the road not enjoy popular support. The enterprise is the core of the people, the more difficult times, Air Jordan Shoes Mens more need to rely on internal unity to spend together, beautiful group choose to sacrifice the interests of the grassroots level to deal with the crisis, have to say the opposite of what to. highrise home, fear for the development direction of the differences 12 month 19 days, beautiful round a city manager revealed, beauty group vice president of sales for Yang Jun has resigned, the home is a recent $100000000 financing Venture Company. Yang Jun is one of the beautiful group hero years follow Wang Xing business, the turnover, the home has been looking for a good, it should not be the heart the meaning of retreat, but just want to leave the beautiful group. Speculation, Yang Jun leaves Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Canada Online Sale job the reason its competent group purchase business to be marginalized, the hands of the permissions greatly reduced, new forces represented by Shen Li began leading to occupy the company’s business, and vigorously promote the permeability in other areas of vertical. so, the old and the new forces in the socalled battle, perhaps is essentially platform expansion and group purchase king two strategic battle. platform expansion means

2 house of cards last Friday in Netflix after the premiere set off a discussion craze

2 house of cards last Friday in Netflix after the premiere set off a discussion craze, triggering Netflix using widely discussed data optimization decision. However, with the popularity of house of cards, the Blake Griffin Shoes role of large data is being exaggerated. Netflix is based on a large data may make a success of the house of cards, but another site may Glow in the Dark Jordan Men also according to the data to make an unsuccessful works. The chairman of the board of Sohu said. is the house of cards China exclusive copyright square, said Zhang Zhaoyang, a house of cards on the line after 5 days, the total flow of second season was the 9000000 season. Although USA President Obama, former president Clinton, Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale America CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Wang Qishan have recommended the Air Jordan Shoes Womens play, but with the domestic hit TV series compared with small flow, Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale the audience crowd relatively highend. Zhang Zhaoyang that the domestic TV drama, at the present stage of large data guidance is limited, the fundamental reason lies in the American TV market competition, through the understanding of the audience can be used as Mens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whitea reference index of the highly competitive. The domestic far did not reach this need. Domestic TV drama is also in the recent years to start the Jordan Nubuck Men competition is fierce, and many other factors, resulting in complete without what big data, racking their brains to know how to shoot will take better, China is not so fine competition. Zhang Zhaoyang told the commercial value. renowned music person Gao Xiaosong http://mcdz.net.cn/news/html/?317.html thinks house of cards popularity is because Americans for congressional widespread antipathy. He said: the American people called Congress too good, called the government actually have differences, called party more differences, but are felt especially not congress. Therefore, house of cards character set is almost all negative Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale character, and the political struggle for its dark, violent, house of cards starring Kevin Spacey also called in an American Broadcasting Company interview with ABC: this movie 99% is true, the other 1% are not true, the play of the Congress also passed the education the bill, Congress may even real education act is also difficult to pass. a mysterious question is, house of cards really popular with large data Nike Air Max Womens on exactly how much? famous film critic Zhou Liming introduces, house of cards is adapted from the 80’s a British Mini Series house of cards, the prototype is an assistant to Mrs. Thatcher, his men to help her run for the prime minister, promised not to give him the official results, in order to revenge the ugly things were written out in full into a four episode Mini series. remake of house of cards idea from the producers of MRC company. The company’s interns in the plane to see the old drama and recommended it to her boss modi? Vic Ci, when MRC wanted from the film to the transition period drama, MRC urged the British bought the film copyright. House of cards screenwriter Beau Willimon said they had Kobe Bryant Shoes bought the show in Netflix, so the

to attend the conference invited guests include

to attend the conference invited guests include, launched commercial cooperation with Vanke professional advisers to the domestic and international partners, the structure of electromechanical consultant Ojana ARUP, the cost consultant Weining Xie DLS, Chinese Academy of building research; and nearly ten domestic and foreign wellknown financial institutions on behalf of. Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale in the general assembly, Vanke and Baidu formally established a strategic cooperative partnership. The two sides will in future Vanke commercial under the banner of the business community, life square, shopping center series format, try to introduce Baidu LBS technical services i.e., location based service, in order to achieve Glow in the Dark Jordan Men differ from man to Kobe Bryant Shoes man, and raise, because by the group, due to set the scene for seeking slightly highquality service, making a collection of business ecosystem system of consumers, merchants, operators. in the past year, Vanke spent considerable effort, to learn what is the mobile internet. Yu Liang think, the Internet will change the world, can not adapt to the changes of the organization will be eliminated. Despite being close to the traditional enterprise label, but when facing the challenges of a new age, Vanke chose a positive understanding of the new rules, finding new partners, the use of new tools, do a better job of the original business. The Vanke crossborder cooperation with Baidu, it is a beneficial attemptMens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green White for the Internet effort thinking into its commercial business. it is understood that this collaboration with Baidu, will bring the location engine, large data, marketing tool three kinds of core technology for future commercial series. The future, technology of data mining of the Air Jordan Shoes Womens mobile Internet and artificial intelligence algorithm will be applied http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-air-max-australia-helps-your-foot-correctly-on-the-sole-of-the-shoe.html economic main consumer behavior in Vanke matching service provider urban platform based on the realization of benign operators, merchants, consumers ecological system, to enhance the customer experience, provide strong support to create customers’ value, fine commercial operation. this conference is the conference of large commercial strategy Wanke commercial real estate management department was founded for the first time held. In 2013 January, Vanke officially set Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale up commercial real estate management department, responsible for coordinating the implementation of work Vanke development of commercial real estate. Based on the urban service Jordan Nubuck Men business development orientation, Vanke business in recent years continue to enrich the product line, efforts to improve the urban commercial layout. It Nike Air Max Womens is understood that by the end of 2014 to early 2015, Dongguan Changan Vanke Plaza, Shenzhen one of Haicheng, Foshan South China Sea Vanke Plaza, Beijing to live the total 170000 square, Shenyang Hunhe Vista 2 period of about 8 commercial projects scheduled to open. The next 3 years, nearly Blake Griffin Shoes 20 new projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Ningbo and Chongqing will also continue to enter the operation period. The establishment of business strategy alliance is the powerful guarantee for future Vanke in commercial development on the road, technology application process of crossborder cooperation between Baidu and Vanke will also promote the real estate industry. Looking to the future, the age of big data of the development of the Internet of things or in ancillary service providers Vanke City on the platform to get a strong impetus. The second half of the attackers had expression of the real estate industry, may be interpreted as a fine, science and technology, Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale informationization, platform, service is more conclusive.

6 yuan per catty

1.6 yuan per catty, this is not the supermarket cabbage latest price, but the first half of China’s steel prices. which all over the world are very rare, what China iron and steel industry is a step by step toward the current state? this reminds me of 17 months of this year, China’s crude Nike Air Max Womens steel output rose 2.7% over the same period last year, growth has been dropped by 4.4 percentage points, means that productivity is starting to. But at the same time, output growth is not a full stop. In our country in the first 7 months of 4.8 tons of crude steel production, still occupy half of the country of the global total, the proportion of more than 50%. side is overcapacity guidance prices, on the other hand, is Glow in the Dark Jordan Men still in the status of absolute quantity expanding, exposed between the two be quite different Air Jordan Shoes Womens data, it is the dislocation in iron and steel enterprise needs and demand. The upper controller of Jordan Nubuck Men enterprise is in fact the local government, in the iron and steel multiple industries represented, the local government needs, or the needs of local government officials, and the enterpriMens Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Navy Green Whitese is disjointed. the needs of the modern enterprise is nothing but profits, but as for the local government, the first standard whether the enterprise profit is not the official account, the official assessment to see what? See GDP. While GDP corresponding in similar enterprises, is in fact the capacity. so, we see that in recent years, the local steel enterprises carrying huge losses, sell more cheap more expansion, the expansion of the http://shipinbaijialegonglve.com/news/html/?302.html steel price more cheap. why in recent years to promote energysaving emission reduction, production capacity out of the slow, is the source of this. On the one hand, the local government supervision, resulting in a large number of zero or low cost environmental cost environmental protection enterprise, in the profit on the suppression of environmental protection equipment made of steel enterprises is very good. per ton steel cost of domestic environmental protection better business in the 120150 yuan, but Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men Australia Online Sale basic didn’t do steel enterprises in environmental protection, environmental protection costs per ton are maintained at 30 yuan. This result, together with the local government supervision and even reverse out manmade, resulting in environmental protection standards enterprise but do not target enterprises in accordance with the provisions of payment of employee benefits enterprise anti but a slave enterprises. Thus, the environment is getting worse and worse, professionals are less and less, the price war has become the only way out. said the adverse elimination is not an exaggeration. Hebei as Cheap Kobe Bryant Elite 7 Shoes Men Australia Online Sale China’s first large steel provinces, after the introduction of the national capacity to eliminate policy, conceals the crude steel production of phenomena that appear every year. The year before, the figure reached 50000000 tons. Why Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women Australia Online Sale did you do it, GDP is a reserved capacity up corresponding evaluation is in fact the local officials. On the other hand, concealed production actually can effectively Kobe Bryant Shoes compress the environmental cost. is ridiculous, China similar things Blake Griffin Shoes happen is not confined to the iron and steel industry. 01 years, China’s electrolytic aluminum output is the first in the world, in the 09 year the State Council promulgated the Colored Gold

background: 200 years

background: 200 years, the rapid growth of China market, by 2013, annual sales growth of 19.8% on average, but according to the China automotive technology and Research Center forecast, in 2015 and 2020 domestic sales will reach 25500000 units and 35000000 units, with an average annual growth of only around 7% a year. the face of China’s overall automobile market slowdown situation, automobile manufacturers and dealers hand to more clearly understand the target audience needs and used to purchase a car, on Nike Air Max Mens the other hand, but also through the user consumption trend judgment, more forwardlooking market layout strong, expecting to have a space for one person in the increasingly fierce in car market. group and Yi recently Cheap Dwyane Wade Shoes Canada Online Sale jointly issued 2014 will purchase a car China netizen behavior research report hereinafter referred to as the Ereli investigation data and its own research community collection based on report BITAUTO index and support at the present stage, depth of insight into the user’s habits, purchase a car purchase a car purchase a car channel preference models and behavioMens Derrick Rose II Shoes Red Blackur, and further to tease out Cheap Derrick Rose III Shoes Men Canada Online Sale the trend of consumer market of our country car more significantly in the past year. A detailed interpretation of the following related content, please refer to November 19th Ereli with easy car jointly issued the original report. comprehensive Air Jordan Shoes Mens insight into Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice China’s Internet users purchase behavior, through the typical crowd features programming http://shipinbaijialeyouxi.com/news/html/?501.html targeted marketing plan of Nike Air Force Ones report survey data iResearch online to achieve the depth of insight into consumer behavior of Chinese car based on users, help Nike Air Foamposite Women the car manufacturers and dealers purchase the behavior of our car master the full range of users: the car status and preferences, purchase information acquisition channel and its content, purchase decisionmaking process and its influence factors and car channel. report respondents crowd attributes and purchase behavior based on, it can be divided into five kinds of typical crowd: workplace rookie race, newly married family, daddy mammy families with many children, family and career family, carding needle for sex and the purchase behavior of different groups of people. The main to be formulated in Blake Griffin Shoes accordance with the automobile brand marketing ideas and the corresponding people to deliver targeted marketing channels. depth mining based on Yishang Che index, market of our country car show five significant consumption trend of easy Cheap Derrick Rose II Shoes Men Canada Online Sale to index analysis system based on the user in easy and more than 500 media partners to browse, search, order and other behavioral data, and combined with the automobile sales data authority, objectively reflect the trend difference potential and regional focus, contrast, intention, purchase behavior of Chinese consumers on car brand. The official index includes: 1. attention index: reflects the user for automobile manufacturers, brands and models of attention heat; 2. contrast index: