January 11th

January 11th, by Chinese sugar wine group, the Chongqing Municipal People’s government to join hands together to create group of the national sugar and wine culture festival peak forum in Chongqing International Exhibition Center held a grand panda. The forum invited the industry elite, marketing executives, electric market platform for the international 4A advertising company responsible person and channel terminal enterprises, multi angle mining media era demands of enterprise marketing and brand development strategy, to discuss all media era and wine industry marketing future, promote efficient communication and integration food industry and media industry. Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale anchor: invite us to now is the cabinet guest media Wang Shikai Wang, Wang hello. Cabinet guest media under the banner of the guest cabinet journals for a location retailer, had you is how the opportunity to think of doing such a magazine? Wang: I have been a media observers, we either traditional media or new media, are now very prosperous, various positioning are. As in the past, we Nike Air Foamposite Women in the recruitment to find work, also had specifically localized in the youth recruitment page, like Air Jordan Shoes Mens the economic observer, positioning rational intellectuals, the orientatiWomens Air Jordan 4.5 Black Blue Greenon of all kinds are. But our retail classes, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice emotionally speaking, the lack of respect for the media, not a special media to record their lives, to record the class state. So we make such a magazine to promote commercial activities in this group Chinese forward a group of people. I would like to ask the host, Nike Air Max Mens when you buy cola, mostly because Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale you are Blake Griffin Shoes thirsty, pass by a shop to ask the boss for you to take http://yaoxinali.com/news/html/?72877.html a bottle of cola, give him three dollars, he put the bottle of cola to you. So not only is coke, these all of the fast consumer goods, tobacco and sugar tea are their hands over Nike Air Force Ones the hand to pass out, whether it is moving or web site to pay how prosperous, offline retailers of consumer already occupy a lot of Jiangshan, that is to say, we all FMCG retailers through the flow with temperature. CocaCola sold each year how many billion bottles in China, is their hands over the hand to pass out. Like the wind, develop so powerful, is the use of small tricycle push them out, as the Huai Hai Campaign, is the old people’s car out of the. They are the grassroots, but they also describe China FMCG era, so we make such a cabinet guest magazine, devoted to free delivery to their counter to. anchor: listen to you so introduction, so we can understand, you use the word comparison is one of popular feelings, mentioned feelings words, more likely to think of Internet product, but the magazine you do is a paper, it is also Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale referred to as the traditional media, you how to consider the use of the Internet is thought to do the traditional media? Wang: we put the paper cabinet guest called banner, banner is a guide, it can quickly occupied Beijing all counter, at the same time we are also other modes of transmission. In fact, this magazine has Internet thinking also has a mobile Internet thinking. For example you see the cover, the cover is a Select

Shunfeng development so far

Shunfeng development so far, has not got rid Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale of one enterprise too, big strategy, without one not from Wang Wei’s brain. The problem is, the more expansion of an enterprise, the senior leaders of the control power of enterprises increasingly weakened, sensitivity to the Air Jordan Shoes Mens terminal market more bad, this is disadvantage without can avoid large organizations. Even as smart as Wang Wei, inevitably vulgar. recently, a private courier boss Shunfeng news spread like wildfire in the arena: the SF group under the first electric business platform motion optimization online five months immediately after the coaching change. The departure of CEO Liu Miao. This should be the fastest record of domestic electric business circle move at present. Suningyi purchase general manager Ling Guosheng because of physical reasons in 2011 August turnover, also worked for at least about 7 months in the post. Because SF has always been lowkey, this post adjustment without any public information. So lowkey is the price of the company must be able to withstand a variety of from speculation. The reason for the departure of Liu Miao, Public opinions are divergent. There is speculation, is because of the poor performance of turnover. But for SF, this may be too Womens Jordan 6 AAA White Orange Red Blackreluctant. Just 5 months on the line, can see how much performance trend? Wang Wei smart to and insight, of course will know business management difficult. Even if the sales performance, flow is not ideal, is also to be expected. from entry the market perspective and preparation, SF is not careful. According to the insiders said, although it is own Shunfeng logistics started, but in order to match the preferred development, give full http://www.xinxuanbg.com/news/html/?65679.html consideration to the special nature of electric business, equipped with warehouse and logistics equipment special Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice for motion optimization, the refrigerated cabinet is said to be comparable to the air box delivery of vaccine. from entry to market products angle, Shunfeng logic also seems unassailable. Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale Started from the highend imported Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale food. Go to turn the customs data, Wang Wei found, China imported food is a highspeed growth momentum. And the food safety problem is increasingly serious, often appear in milk powder by the Chinese foreign supermarket customer sweep light scene. So, Wang Wei decided to start from the highend food, no problem. Wang Wei Nike Air Max Mens express Empire, is accumulated by word of mouth one point one, now Shun Feng brand awareness is not a problem. Of course Wang Wei hopes his express reputation Nike Air Force Ones and user viscosity can benefit the motion optimization, how to benefit, of course, to increase the delivery quantity, if sell all electric, electric appliance Blake Griffin Shoes manufacturers every year collective convulsions so several times, each family is to buy all power in the move to a new house or so as to distribution, is clearly not enough the. electric best can see customers every day, every day with the customer communication, to bring their products and services are rooted in each other’s homes and hearts. Therefore, the distribution of food is the best, and now more and more curtilage male curtilage female, food products and of course more and more, this is a when Chihuo proud era. Sell food, especially Nike Air Foamposite Women highquality food, obviously there is no wrong. all imagine is so beautiful, but the Huanshuai fact there, apparently still development has encountered a problem. But no man

mobile programming in the purchase of America rapid growth

mobile programming in the Nike Air Force Ones purchase of America rapid growth. EMarketer said that in 2014 the mobile app advertising accounted for national program display advertising expenditure of 44.1%, about $4440000000, and the prediction of mobile end early next year will exceed PC, accounting for 56.2% of advertising spending program. Then in the Chinese, how to develop the progress of mobile program to buy? The market has changed? recently, mango mobile ad CEO Wang Jiang published the new trend of the theme speech in Ai Rui mobile advertising industry Marketing Summit, the development of the industry trend of program made interpretation and share ideas. it is understood, mango mobile advertising’s AMAX is the first domestic mobile ad trading platform that supports the RTB and is also the largest. AMAX with more than 70 domestic and international DSP, SSP and mobile advertising platform for cooperation, monthly covering more than 100 countries and regions of the 3 user transactions per day million, more than 1100000000 times the Cheap Womens Air Jordan Flight Canada Online Sale scale of flow. Wang Jiang pointed out at the meeting, at present the China Mobile program to buy industry development has entered the fast lane. First of all, from the point of view of mobile DSP number, with the maWomens Air Jordan 1 Low AAA White Pink Solengo AMAX as an example, in April only 11 access, and by September, this figure rose to 43. Overview of the whole mobile advertising market, this figure will be more complex. The number of mobile DSP blowout type explosion will greatly promote the domestic program of buy industry growth. specifically from the type of view, the first class of mobile DSP mainly PC end of the DSP, such as pinyou, the number http://www.xinxuanbg.com/news/html/?65679.html of network, you easily exchange. The second to mobile advertising platform as the background of DSP, such as the force us science and technology, many UNITA, Anwar, easy medium etc The third category is the mobile DSP pure. Fourth types of Criteo, Vizury as the representative of the overseas DSP. Scale change mobile advertising Cheap Jordan Aero Flight Women Canada Online Sale program to buy also reflects this trend. Mango AMAX data show that from April to September, a short span of 5 months, the main mobile advertising program to purchase the amount of scale growth close to 5 times. According to the Ai Rui report is expected in 2014 to buy mobile program will reach the scale of 390000000, and the next three years will maintain the explosive growth, by 2017 the market size is expected to exceed 3500000000 yuan. at the same time, more and more advertisers are actively trying to move the program to buy. From the program to buy advertising in traditional types Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Women Canada Online Sale of proportion, Download kind of advertising can account Nike Air Max Mens for more than 23 share in April, but by September, the brand advertising and the local advertising is developing rapidly, the process of accounting for the purchase and download class than advertising almost differ little in the mobile advertising end. Blake Griffin Shoes Wang Jiang said Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice that with the mobile program of the industrial chain each link continues to mature, the market scale will be further expanded. Mango in open more highquality mobile media and flow at Nike Air Foamposite Women the Air Jordan Shoes Mens same time, also will use accumulation in mobile programming experience and extensive relations of cooperation, help more partners to achieve winwin situation, to promote the healthy development of mobile program to buy forward.

following the July 1

following the July 1, 2011 launch of mobile phone barcode pay to enter the line under the convenient payment market, in July 6th, Bank of Commerce in Beijing officially launched Lebron James Shoes its line convenience payment brand national pay. National pay use UnionPay business throughout the POS, ATM, selfservice terminal and various tools and channels, supply of water, electricity, coal, communications and other utilities expenses payment and credit card payment, mobile phone recharge, Nike Max 90 Current Moire ticket ordering, payment, etc. various kinds of convenience charitable donations paid service. China UnionPay national pay service of multiple functions, wide coverage, payment channel the biggest bright spot is the national national pay, which is embodied in the service function of the diversity of regional coverage, comprehensive, pay channel compound. in the service functions, in addition to the traditional utilities such as the payment items, lottery ticket, also for the first time in the order of selfservice terminal. In addition, the 19 banks nationwide to pay credit card payment functions currently support including the four major stateowned bank.Mens Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 New Black in the coverage area, as of 2011 May, national pay cloth about 70000 of the total station line terminal. The accepting network except enclothe shopping malls, office buildings, and other areas, will also be involved Nike Air Max Women in small and mediumsized supermarkets, lottery sales outlets, kiosks, pharmacy, University Campus etc in the payment channels, hold any a UnionPay debit card users, can be in the http://www.jiaodoushi.cn/news/html/?1148.html China UnionPay throughout the POS machine, ATM machine and the Internet and other various electronic payment tools and channels, Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men UK Online Sale according to their own approach, the realization of various life payment Glow in the Dark Jordan Men transactions. addition, at present, all the functions of national pay for the Bank Card cardholders do not charge a fee, but for interbank transfer Nike Free Run 3 functions, but also as the details of each area and. China UnionPay national pay PK pay treasure cell phone barcode Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 5 Men UK Online Sale pay as the offline payment market boss, UnionPay currently the largest strategy is still deep and big offline payment, mobile payment and IC card promotion. At the same time, pay treasure not satisfied with the performance of the market, is to pay below the line field. Obvious manifestation is the release of cell phone barcode payment, aiming at Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 6 Men UK Online Sale derivative market is not UnionPay preemption. face to pay treasure to enter the market below the line, UnionPay as preemption, of course should pay market expansion and compaction line. Therefore, launched the national pay to reach this purpose. although are for the payment market line moves, but the UnionPay and pay treasure not tit for tat in imagination. Displays in: targets with different. Cup national pay focuses on the the Nike Flex Experience RN starting point in the consumer, to provide all kinds of payment service project for the consumer, to facilitate transactions daily consumer; pay treasure cell phone barcode pay focus on low

market the U

market the U. S. this week through the European Central Bank’s policy and non farm data and a number of tests, the eurozone CPI growth rate in May was 0.5% Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 5 Men UK Online Sale less than the initial value, the Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 6 Men UK Online Sale expected value of 0.7%, continued low inflation in the danger zone below 1% in the euro area countries, after the disappointing PMI data, the European central bank interest rate hike is expected to Glow in the Dark Jordan Men continue to heat up. Thursday the European Central Bank announced interest rate decision, the refinancing rate to 1.5%, deposit rates to 1.0% and retain the implementation of the possibility of the European version of QE; then Friday USA nonagricultural data continue to show a strong, the Fed report bluntly to accelerate the recovery of beauty economy. Double positive boost the US stock market, the S amp; P 500 and the Dow, even a new high, the NASDAQ small cap stocks led the rebound. Ai Ruizhong almost ended the previous trend of the index, rose 0.6% Nike Free Run 3 this week. The performance of the stock, net Qin shares continue roller coaster market, this week, up 23.2%; small friction evaluation cheetah mobile, target priceGlow in the Dark Jordan 4 White Black Red of $26, under the influence of cheetah mobile Friday rose 22%, a full week up 11.1%; and Jumei Youpin two excellent vertical electric stock performance steady, this week shares rose 9.1% and 8%; in the assigned level entrance and 618 Pro expected encouragement, the stock rose 6.3%; on the other hand, Qihoo 360 stock price to fall 6.8% this week, the first quarter of the beautiful bright performance did not form a solid support to the stock http://gnetpay.cn/news/html/?504.html price, at present the price earnings ratio is only 78 times, in the past 12 Nike Max 90 Current Moire quarters revenue growth calculation of PEG is only 0.6 times, even lower than the average level of iResearch internet almost index 0.9 times. Technical indicators suggest that Qihoo 360 shares is expected to bottom for the market upturn will soon realize the bottom rebound; housing this week falls 6.5%, since this Nike Flex Experience RN year has dropped by 32.1%, which reflects in the Chinese real estate market freeze background, investors in real estate stocks fears. Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men UK Online Sale high growth small cap stocks strong bullish, QE3 exit will urge the stocks callback in the past five years the Federal Reserve implemented a total of three quantitative easing monetary policy, in the QE out of the top two times after the US stock market showed the significant callback. QE1 in 2010 after the withdrawal of the S amp; P 500 index maximum decrease of 16.2%, then to the bottom rebound in the Fed on the implementation of QE2 is expected in 2011 QE2; after the withdrawal of the S amp; P 500 index of the largest decline of 19.8%, and thereafter maintained a low shock for a period of time, then the operation twist in the Fed’s stimulus has to rebound; since 2012 September, the QE3 policy become drive U. s.stocks main factors of high. is currently a deep beauty investors concern is that, with the completely withdraw from the QE3, U. S. stocks will repeat the callback Lebron James Shoes market, if the callback, the callback rate is how much. In 2014 January the Fed began formal reduction Nike Air Max Women QE3

the overall scale Chinese network market for 110000000000 yuan

2013, the overall scale Chinese network market for 110000000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 46.1%, Nike Air Max Women reaching a new level. Domestic online advertising market scale breakthrough billion mark, market maturity will continue to improve. Ari launched the 2014 user behavior China Network Advertising Research Report in the near future, the main analysis of the 2013 network ad user attributes, and mobile terminal attitude preference behavior, and accordingly, based on the audience to buy the network advertisement will be affected by the advertisers pay attention to advertising, mobile terminal and huge development potential. shopping websites in 2013 to become the China users attention and click advertising network most website according to iResearch consulting in 2013 December survey data shows, in advertising concern, more than six% of Internet users concerned about shopping, search, portal, video ads, among them, 76.4% of users concerned about shopping website advertising, the highest proportion. In 2013 Chinese users click, click on the Nike Flex Experience RN ads Nike Free Run 3 website as the most shopping website,Mens Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 New Grey Snow Black accounted for 57.3%, more than the comprehensive portal website and search engine. According to the CNNIC data, in 2013 China’s user number rises Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men UK Online Sale to 300000000, the network shopping user compared to the netizen Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 6 Men UK Online Sale of permeability is Glow in the Dark Jordan Men as high as 48.9%, online shopping service has become one of the most frequently used Chinese Internet service. Ari http://www.jiaodoushi.cn/news/html/?1148.html analysis, the shopping website advertising is usually associated with the Internet shopping needs a higher degree, so shopping website advertising by netizens attention degree is higher. based on the purchase of the audience AudienceBuy network advertising will be the importance of main advertising Ai Rui user survey results show that in 2013 China Internet users the most hope for the future improvement of the main aspects of network advertisement and users more relevant, and interactive stronger. Among them, and users more relevant is the most important aspect, accounted for 33.6%, higher than the and interactive stronger accounted for 21% and 17.3% than that of. Ari analysts believe that Internet users receive more rational attitude in advertising, the hope can see associated with its demand advertising. In the audience as the Nike Max 90 Current Moire core of the network advertisement can accurate positioning of user needs, enhance the user experience and the advertisement effect. With the accurate delivery and audience marketing concept of market acceptance and constantly improve, realtime bidding RTB RealTimeBidding and the audience to buy AudienceBuy DSP enterprises have gradually recognized by the market, based on the purchase of the audience AudienceBuy network advertising will be increasingly the attention of advertisers. Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 5 Men UK Online Sale charge flow is the main reason users do not click on the mobile terminal Lebron James Shoes advertising 2013

recently very busy

recently very busy, busy in various public non public 360 company owned by a smart watch 360 children guardian of the platform. Except in every speech will naturally or half unconsciously to sub way mentioned 360 children’s guardian, in the recent positive with fans, sent 50 Taiwan 360 children’s guardian, even yesterday in the individual Micro message public number on the published a cousin say: why I do children watch article. Behind the frequent Jordan Nubuck Men action is 360 after the company Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale suffered product shortage, Zhou Hongyi needed to seek breakthrough of impatience, but at the same time the company bet 360 children can wear this segment are determined. 360 children’s bodyguard is intelligent children watch 360 company development, is now the second generation of products. Mobile phone app connected with it by, parents can get the child in which feedback information location, module and GSM communication using the builtin children build unidirectional communication, as well as through watch recorded 10 seconds of recording to understand the surrounding regional environment. At the same time, children are able to usWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Grey Blacke the watch send unsolicited SOS distress signal. see, 360 children’s guardian is a positioning Kobe Bryant Shoes in the intelligent equipment to help parents realtime monitoring children position. It enters the market is a now seized the fractionize domain user demand: children can wear. in addition to the 360 and intelligent children watch, wearable areas also have the presence of other companies and other forms of products. Step http://hrbjjsc.com/news/html/?300.html lost and clouds are intelligent two paragraph of the same title track positioning, remind the warning function of wearable device. However, compared with the 360 children’s guards, they all use the shoes form such a children’s daily Glow in the Dark Jordan Men life often wear to items, rather than a separate parts or jewelry. Fever, director of temperature stickers, music body temperature measuring sticks and bean sprouts technology of intelligent meter height and weight and intelligent thermometer, represents another direction of children wearable: user groups more refinement to young children and infants, help the body measurement data of parents of children, to understand children’s health status. Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale of course, in the foreign children’s wearable device also has long been brewing rise. Filip is a can be connected through the Air Jordan Shoes Womens mobile phone software, intelligent watch children’s geographic location and personal status to parents. Sproutling is more focused on infants, through the application of wear foot ring, in the Nike Air Max Womens baby feet installed in the baby room indoor sensor and builtin home phone, it will heartbeat, action and indoor temperature indicators such as infant comprehensive form supply and rating data, tell parents and remind the dangerous situation Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale that may occur. you may also find that these children wearable device ideas can be roughly classified into two categories: safety and health. But in the final analysis, the core is the monitoring the position of children, an additional layer of security protection; monitoring children and infants health, Blake Griffin Shoes protect their health. From the 360 children Guardian market repercussions

10 month 2324 day

10 month 2324 day, sponsored Air Jordan Shoes Womens by the 2014 Shanghai Airui Marketing Summit held in the Kerry Hotel Pudong. As Ereli annual summit of the third stations, 2014 Shanghai iResearch Internet Marketing Summit a continuation of the previous Beijing, Shenzhen two Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale summit defensive moves. Integration and innovation theme, with marketing as the breakthrough point, many in the industry heavyweight guests invited to share marketing case and experience, to explore the reform and innovation of the Internet marketing, to feel the pulse of the new economy era of the Internet marketing mode. iResearch Consulting Group CTO Hao Xincheng on the afternoon of October 23rd technology marketing summit venue published with the title the trend of interpretation and application of new technology speech, the following is a speech recording: pictured, iResearch Consulting Group CTO Hao Xincheng anchor: dear ladies and gentlemen, Nike Air Max Womens friends, good afternoon everyone, thank Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale you once again to the 2014 annual iResearch Internet Marketing Summit, in today’s era of every day we see some new concept and new applications are surrounded by the continuous emergence of new technologies also bring us marketing has brought new opportunities and chalWomens Jordan 5 Nubuck Black Pinklenges and along with the now familiar APP technology, DSP program to buy, and now there is some privatization transaction technology, as well as the booming Internet market, digital marketing industry to technology as the core of the new pattern is constantly changing, formation. Next we must first please iResearch Consulting Group CTO Hao Xincheng brought new marketing trend and application of new technology for us, welcome. Hao Xincheng: Good afternoon, had just http://www.ytsgw.com/news/html/?297686.html come Glow in the Dark Jordan Men in, I think of the scene is so cold today, very few people, but now it seems that at least more than just as Jordan Nubuck Men the audience many. Engaged in the Internet marketing do I think is to attach great importance to technology, although the technique is not always the last question, nor is the first problem, but I’m sure is Internet marketing among all around without technological links, believe that more colleagues are now fighting in promoting marketing, technology reform effect. Specific work to promote Kobe Bryant Shoes the marketing to expand the influence of the. Have been busy to call new technology of Blake Griffin Shoes no Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale time to answer the dizzying this is completely understandable, especially in 2013 and 2014 in the past two years. As the place of the traditional opening today, I probably hosted interactive marketing should have four years of history, this is my four years in charge of technology marketing development tendency. To bring you today. The first or the two number, like a year I didn’t write the number, and then raised under the stage the dissatisfaction that Ai Ruijiang all the things in front of you at least put the theory about it, otherwise we following guest how to link, so I say. there is no doubt that the hot spot last year is DSP, is RTB, this year is should continue, but they also have a lot of new content, market scale, predicted last year in 2014 3300000000, completed this year without any problem, if the digital correction about the case, this year we will go to a higher share of

Jingdong and Changhong announced a only 999 yuan Ou Baoli 32

recently, Jingdong and Changhong announced a only 999 yuan Ou Baoli 32? Flat TV, Jingdong exclusive 2000000. It seems that in a shark, this is not a simple television, it carries Jingdong will try to plan JDPhone, plan JD to the field of household appliances for replication, it carries the Air Jordan Shoes Womens appliance manufacturers hope that through the Internet to Jordan Nubuck Men achieve the transformation and upgrading of vision, it hopes to achieve is to subvert another non millet type. Jingdong Changhong = Internet TV? when the Internet tide sweeps across every industry, household electrical appliance industry can not be an exception. Millet, as music such as Internet TV TV game player is the impact of the traditional home appliance manufacturers. How to use the Internet to thinking how to realize the transformation of household electrical Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Australia Online Sale appliances, the Internet, has become Changhong home appliance manufacturers think and troubling topic. the 32J1M Ou Baoli 32? Flat TV, called JDTV, is essentially a Internet appliance products test for water, although Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA Australia Online Sale it is very primary, but Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA Australia Online Sale it hopes to prove is the traditional home appliance manufacturers, plus Jingdong such Internet Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Black Pinkenterprise whether can get out of a different Internet road. first of all, from the channel, Jingdong exclusive 2000000, guarantee the product shipments, can urge the manufacturers of accelerating transformation to the business channel. The old Kobe Bryant Shoes home appliance manufacturer because there are relatively perfect line channel system, and Suning Gome and producers to control force is very strong, resulting in home appliance manufacturers although know the business channel is the http://php.net558.com/news/html/?343.html direction in the future, but still can’t focus on the business channel. A sufficient number of products through underwriting, solve the worries of the manufacturer. At the same time use electric sales channels, but also can greatly reduce the cost of sales channels, further lower the price of the product. second, the TV if there seems to be no particular highlights, but behind the Changhong is exploring cooperation and Jingdong depth of customization. According to the official statistics, on the one hand, the product fully tap the Jingdong platform huge user groups in browsing, comparison, selection, purchase, reviews the whole process of precise data; on the other hand, the source of industrial manufacturing, began to cost accounting custom from the cost of production, but Nike Air Max Womens also a combination of the most dynamic and real situation of whole industry, thus ensuring the gold content of the depth of customization in many aspects. Introduce an industry forum in before Beijing East chief marketing officer of blue ye, Internet thinking can be included in the product Glow in the Dark Jordan Men development, marketing, sales, supply chain, aftersales each link to traditional enterprises to support, 32J1M flat panel TV is more into Beijing East in channels and marketing on Internet thinking, can be expected that the future of both sides customized depth can also be stronger, will be expected to involve Blake Griffin Shoes home appliance manufacturing and product development, supply chain and aftersales and other aspects. Jingdong left, millet right interesting is, do the Internet TV with is, Jingdong and millet go the opposite way, a vertical,

promotion and salary raise

promotion and salary raise, as CEO, married Baifu beauty is now everybody for the peak of life evaluation standard, but the reality is often and beauty Jiangshan Lebron James Shoes difficult Nike Flex Experience RN coexistence. Although the Internet many legendary success, but the IT community still has several big brothers can’t cause and emotional double, even the road is bumpy, wander. The three section love Liu Qiangdong last night with a blog has caused many people concern Liu Qiangdong and his girlfriend milk tea MM broke up, the sources said the quite reliable, so they have regrets the age gap is ultimately a Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan Men UK Online Sale question. But this morning, tea Zhang Zetian sent microblog reveals Liu Qiangdong rose and he got offer, the mood is very happy. But in the world of Internet Conference in Wuzhen Liu Qiangdong is both slim and handsome spirit, value pursuit. The small inner thought that two people no signs of breaking up, those who expect to Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 Men UK Online Sale Jingdong don boss ran, the boss not the operation, the entire audience 50 percent off promotion activities of the netizens estimated to be disappointed. this is the fell in love was also is not easy, you think after all day just a little girl sheshi not deep, but privacy is now almost completely by everybody use a magnifying glass to Nike Air Max Women looMens Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Black Bluek at, do not blame two people love that upon exposure to Liu Qiangdong feeling he did not protect small days. The East elder brother may also go very not easy, early in the Zhongguancun business placed counter is not his girlfriend and his family to understand, Nike Free Run 3 a couple of people eventually go their separate ways. http://rmotg.com/Blog/improvements-to-the-sole-and-upper-made-nike-uk-smooth.html Love deep in him, even in Gong Xiao Liu Qiang Beijing East to name their own ecommerce website. Well, not choose Jack this name, this shows that he is indeed very beautiful miss. However, in the Jingdong IPO bell that some guy media reporter unexpectedly the investor to mistaken for Ms. Gong Xiaojing, it is to let a person amp;% $#@ in addition to the bitter first, and now the beautiful fell in love, Liu Qiangdong has a brief but intriguing office romance. In 2012 July, Liu Qiangdong in micro Bo sun from the balcony of the kind of tomato. Coincidentally, just 11 minutes after the Jingdong small household electrical appliances marketing director Zhuang Jia also in micro Bo sun on a balcony tomato pictures. Universal Netizens found by comparing photos parallels, infer that two people may have been in a state of cohabitation. Further, the same day the Jingdong online fresh channel the main fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs. Suddenly everyone thinks that the socalled tomato love is in to Jingdong fresh channel campaign, Liu Qiangdong later said that this is absolutely not marketing, I and Zhuang Jia love for three years. Then the time, Zhuang Jia gradually fade out of public view, this relationship seems to end. in accordance with the now popular taste, Liu Qiangdong as a few paragraphs not successful emotional experience, and successful middleaged uncle, is that Nike Max 90 Current Moire pretty girl with an inexperienced match you the most. Therefore, the small inner suggest that you do not for Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the fell in love too much attention to the. With the time to worry about family love and not, as effort to Cheap Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men UK Online Sale carry