Microblog car, are you afraid of The electronic commerce network Ereli

since the beginning of this year, the electric hand movement again and again. First and other manufacturers selling mobile phone, followed by a wide range of Indoorsman favorite Cang teacher timed sale design their own underwear, and played wearing the bra set, male friend is not the world cup take strong slogan. Last week, microblog again attack, launched the purchase a car season activity of joy. it is 1288 yuan or 2000 yuan mobile phone of underwear, for many users should not have much economic burden, but tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, in microblog really be able to sales? Microblog and auto manufacturers confidence in what? car prices: mining potential consumers power the joy of purchase a car season has attracted more than 30 brands of hundreds of models, which includes both the Mercedes Benz, BMW and other highend brands, also have the brilliance like independent brands, covering all the mainstream models on the market. auto manufacturers to participate in, that they would want to Nike Air Max Womens clear the promotional value. First of all, is definitely focused brand exposure. In Seckill, to buy 1 yuMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Grey Black Whitean by the stimulation of microblog, purchase a car on # joy season # topic page has been viewed nearly 1000000000 times the amount of more than 660000, discussion. The mass brand exposure, also not bring the income for the automobile manufacturers. Data shows, this second activity online sales exceeded 100000000 to 100 minutes, 30 Air Jordan Shoes Womens hours online broken 1000000000, 46 hours online orders over 10000 units. but http://www.shiquanyg.com/news/html/?2585.html the effect is not limited to this, compared with the brand exposure and sales revenue, potential customer information collection is the real killer for vehicle manufacturers. To participate in the activities of Kobe Bryant Shoes the friends is very likely is the potential consumers, through analysis can improve the accuracy of the information on the participation behavior, which for the automobile manufacturers marketing lay the foundation for the next step. it is worth mentioning that, change the user consumption Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale habits also brought new opportunities for the automobile manufacturers. Capgemini consulting company Capgemini survey of 10000 consumers from different countries found China, most consumers tend to use social media to find or to provide information about auto suggestion. In the survey 97% China, said, they had been in Blake Griffin Shoes the social media published, or plan to release a self driving experience post edited this than the global average level 76% were much higher, but also lead to other emerging markets, such as India 91% and Indonesia 94%. Therefore, microblog launched the purchase a car Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale after joy season activity, immediately attracted a large number of users in the. platform strategy: the overall layout of vertical electric microblog selling cars is not new, as early Jordan Nubuck Men as 2013 January, Mercedes Benz in the microblog gonne SMART New Year Special Edition cars, the price 128888, the time limit is 3 days, limited 666. Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale The results of customer Glow in the Dark Jordan Men service, open 490 minutes will be sold, on average 44 seconds sales a. The panic buying that Mercedes Benz and other manufacturers feel the microblog netizens strong

Liu Qiangdong the ten quarter Jingdong cane theory of ecommerce network Ereli

2 more than a month ago, Air Jordan Shoes Womens led his hand the founder of the enterprise Jingdong listed on Nasdaq, last weekend, he appeared in CEIBS twenty anniversary special activities master class site. and come to the classroom guests from different dress, Liu Qiangdong will show internet old man true colors, simple Tshirts, casual shoes into battle, even has always been tall CEIBS professors also with off his suit. Liu Qiangdong not surprisingly to create atmosphere free despite the crowd around the placement of wearing a white shirt, security personnel. speech, Liu Qiangdong is seemingly unintentional but intentionally break their PR had given taboo, the free state into the audience, one by one, he comments on Kodak, Aihua, Sony, Nokia brands, his evaluation of apple is, this is not a curse, but I don’t think apple can to live another 10 years. has become the object of Liu Qiangdong commented, the industry value chain theory determines the scope of business of the company is more wide can create value, while those with only a single link Blake Griffin Shoes such as trading platform enterprises are easy to another position, that is their own scale bigger, but occupied the suppliers and consumeMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Greyrs interest. said Jingdong Glow in the Dark Jordan Men values and strategic planning of this topic, Liu Qiangdong will also be opened instantly serious mode. I don’t believe in this kind of business model on the world, to create a lot of value to your partners and customers, the final result is fail, fail, http://ilmsys.com/Blog/i-wanted-in-my-directory-running-added-nike-store-australia.html if this is the case, it must be the management team and the implementation of a problem. As long as we think of doing things can create value, profit is not necessarily the problem. Liu Qiangdong is as the strategic thinking of Jingdong after listing. In section ten of sugarcane theory when the host asked Liu Qiangdong: what do you want to ask the audience, he thought, the world is fair, as long as you create value will be rewarded, it recognized? the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale scene crowd neat answer agree, Liu’s face made Nike Air Max Womens no secret of his happy expression. Liu Qiangdong think, create value to get the return is the foundation of all business models. To this end, he Kobe Bryant Shoes put forward in the consumer goods industry ten day cane theory, value chain retail, consumer goods industry is divided into the creative, design, Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale development, Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale manufacturing, marketing, pricing, trading, warehousing, distribution, customer service ten aspects, of which the first 5 to brands, after 5 link to retailers. short length section of Jordan Nubuck Men sugar cane is can change, but in the long run is fixed. When the incoming brand too much competition is getting intense, profit decreases, so this section of sugar cane have become short. Industry and this case occurred before the merger integration, such as the electronic commerce industry has more than 40 the company, now left only 10 home. So in the long run, the laws of the market led to the industry and the brand Li

Number said digital marketing present situation, change and Prospect of network service other Ereli

, along with the further development of technology and business model, digital marketing field is facing all sorts of innovation and change, this for the media, owners and Proxy Companies, is the means that the opportunities and challenges. Since its establishment, Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale in all the partners help, accumulating research experience in media and marketing field, gain new insight into. 2013 China digital Jordan Nubuck Men marketing advertisers Seminar on independent initiated by Ai Rui, hope to be in digital marketing in the era of v2.0 media, the Proxy Companies and advertisers customers to share research more valuable findings, and the parties together to promote the healthy development of digital marketing. Download the full report. Please click here: The major findings of this study include: scale expansion and upgrading of the structure of digital marketing; continued expansion of digital marketing, advertisers need to reexamine the role and function of digital media; the future across the line under the media competition, professional service capabilities of the media brand image, is competition card. these findings with three point practice implications for Industry: Brand differentiation , Blake Griffin Shoes media content and Deepening digital media to achieve further development, brand buildiMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Light Blue Black Greyng and the construction of media Kobe Bryant Shoes content is in the topic should have righteousness. But the media brand building needs to be differentiated positioning based on user insight and content resources. two, relying on the development data of insight into the professional services capabilities digital marketing call media services to enhance the capacity of http://ilmsys.com/Blog/i-wanted-in-my-directory-running-added-nike-store-australia.html advertisers hope to get users rely on the insights from the media or the Proxy Companies, personalized and professional marketing suggestions. three, the scientific evaluation system construction the development Nike Air Max Womens of digital marketing must be accompanied with the development effect evaluation system, and scientific evaluation system construction needs to advertisers and their agents, media, data of third square joint efforts. digital marketing situation of Ari’s own industry research data shows, digital marketing market scale China is continuing to enlarge. In 2013 Chinese network advertisement Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale market scale has exceeded 100 billion yuan, up 46% year on year. The next two years, the development of the market will enter a stable period, but the growth rate Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale will remain at more than 30%. at the same time, the market structure Chinese digital marketing and diversification. One aspect is the diversified forms Air Jordan Shoes Womens of advertising, media competition subdivision. In 2013, brand graphic class, keyword search, three categories of advertising market share of balance of power, the previous display advertising alone Glow in the Dark Jordan Men big situation gradually changed. The expected future applications will be even more diversified forms of advertising, including vertical search rely on its direct the advantage will get more growth. On the other hand, is a diversified customer types, traditional industry delivery requirements are constantly emerging. A single display advertising network, keep the leading and network service class, rapid elimination of class of rapid growth, huge potential. with the application of new technology, the new business model, digital marketing

Market: overall Internet advertising market scale reached 110000000000 yuan

Market: overall Internet advertising market scale reached 110000000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 46.1% according to iResearch released 2013 annual China network advertisement of core data, this year in the network advertisement several years Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of rapid development, the network media marketing value has been advertisers higher recognition. Ari analysis, the domestic online advertising market size after breakthrough billion mark, as the market maturity is constantly increasing, growth in the next few years will be slow, steady development. 2013 years in China’s overall economic situation ensure a smooth operation, investment, consumption and export are kept moderate posture. Closely related to network advertisement market and the real economy trend, year on year growth remained stable. The next few years, with the overall economy into the stage of structural reform, economic growth will slow down, the network advertisement market is also affected, reduced the growth rate. Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale In addition, the whole environment, PC end user growth entered platform stage, the rapid growth of mobile terminal flow but also waits for the consummation marketing mode. The advertisement of the Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale network after ten years of development, enterMens Nike Air Presto High Top Leoparding the mature Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale stage, growth is relatively slow. future growth in online advertising force is mainly reflected in: the core enterprises continue to expand its own power, the distribution of various types of terminals and service innovation, enhance the influence, advertising revenue model; technology innovation, RTB industry chain gradually improved, ADX and DSP platform to emerge; focus on the Nike Free Run 3 customer data mining and content of creative native advertising and other http://yazhijie.com.cn/news/html/?2060.html emerging network marketing the form will further tap the marketing value of network media. These will be the future development of the domestic advertising market impetus. breakdown structure: vertical search and video has become the biggest bright spot of growth 2013, a vertical search advertising growth significantly, accounted for 28.9%, beyond the search keyword advertising, become the network advertisement form the largest proportion; video advertisement ratio to rise further, accounted for 7.1%. Brand advertising graphics and keyword search advertising as a traditional network Nike Air Max Women advertisement form, relative by extrusion. vertical search advertising development situation to electric media based good, occupy than rising, is expected in 2017 Lebron James Shoes will reach 34.7% of the market share. The rapid development of ecommerce industry, the size of the transaction innovates again tall, online travel market also maintained a relatively rapid growth, business advertisers rely on network marketing exposure and diversion, is the source power of vertical search advertising growth; Jingdong, where to go to, such as advertising platform unceasing evolution, provides more opportunities for businesses be settled down marketing platform, promote the vertical search advertising market scale. Nike Flex Experience RN video advertisement has become a new bright spot of growth, network video service penetration is more than 90% in the overall Internet users, is one Nike Max 90 Current Moire of the most frequently used network services, network value potential. With the fast consumption, traffic is represented by large brand advertisers favor video advertisement, as a useful supplement to television advertising, advertisers have continued marketing demand, and online investment intention to strengthen

New technology products this year Internet domain in the emergence of very much

New technology products this year Internet domain in the emergence of very much, brought in from iPhone 5S 64 mobile processor, fingerprint recognition, to be curved screen Samsung, LG brings, significant progress from largescale trial LTE at home to Html5, the intelligent system into the automotive field from the new standard Bluetooth, there is stir fried dishes, wearable device, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men intelligent TV, network advertisement change etc Changes in 2013 aroused interest also attracted the attention of the public, of course, most of the new technology is still in the early stage of the business to try to show how, this year, Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale the future development direction of these techniques and how? One one let us analysis. LTE the official business services industry will point the day and await for it, was promoted to in Guangdong and other places with the commercial trial ended, it began the TDLTE in the nationwide promotion. However, the 4G license has not yet issued, China Mobile’s mood is imperative. LTE, long term evolution, 3.9G communicatMens Nike Air Presto High Top Black Deep Blueion technology, the real 4G is LTEAdvanced, TDD and FDD two kinds of duplex mode, unlike TDSCDMA Nike Free Run 3 and WCDMA of the two different as large. The Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale FDD commercial time early, rich devices, TDD spectrum resources, government Nike Air Max Women support. On the situation in other countries, TDD and FDD fusion networks become more common situation. China Mobile as the largest telecom operators has played an important role in development of http://0531.ws/news/html/?78462.html TDD industry, hand is in control of the industry standard discourse right, on the other hand, the more important is to reverse the age data services inferiority. For Lebron James Shoes Chinese and Nike Max 90 Current Moire China Telecom both companies, at present its 3G investment has not yet fully recovered, and facing the 4G license will be issued pressure, FDD and TDD fusion network has great potential to be the ultimate choice. LTE brought stronger data transmission capabilities may be able to help telecom operators to enjoy more of the benefits of rapid development of mobile internet. for terminal equipment manufacturers, mobile phone, flat etc. those communication network equipment manufacturer, the issuance of 4G license will bring a new round of the renewal of equipment, will promote the delivery of equipment; for consumers, can enjoy a more abundant fast mobile Internet services, of course, also want to pay the cost for updating equipment; mobile Internet practitioners, LTE can generate Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale more business opportunities. RTB the network marketing technology innovation, industry competition is more and more hot in the field of Internet marketing, search engine a road stride forward singing militant songs, leading Internet advertising beyond newspapers and television, to the first approximation the position of the media. Display advertising growth relative the Internet was not so fast, in order to change this situation, Internet marketing is experiencing a Nike Flex Experience RN change. RTB, a real time bidding. The previously introduced its search engine advertisement sale link

Beijing time on August 15th

Beijing time on August 15th , NYSE:VIPS released by the 2013Q2 in June 30th unaudited financial results. IResearch sorting through the discovery, 2013Q2 only product will total revenue of $350000000, a yearonyear growth of 159.7%, growth slowed slightly, growth of 13.1% qoq. From the operation situation, the only product will be in the two quarter operating income of $6748000, 2012Q2 lost $5443000, a yearonyear losses. 2013Q2 vipshop revenue of $350000000, a yearonyear slowdown in 2013Q2 is the only product will net revenue of $350000000, a yearonyear Nike Air Max Women increase of 159.7%, compared with the previous quarter, growth has slowed slightly, annulus comparing growth now picks up signs. iResearch analysis, the 2013Q2 market as a whole by short Wang, the mainstream business platform have Glow in the Dark Jordan Men benefited enormously from 6.18 price war. Vipshop revenue growth in addition to the positive environmental impact by the market, but also the source for the following reasons: first, the only product will be the number of active users and orders rose sharply, and better user viscosity. Money newspaper shows, 2013Q2 only product will active user number Lebron James Shoes to break through 3500000, groMens Nike Air Presto High Top Leopardw 133.3% compared Nike Free Run 3 to the same period; accordingly, the volume of orders in the two quarter also increased to 11000000, each user to place an order for 3.1 times the average number of times. Secondly, the higher order conversion rate is also to the only product will be an important reason for revenue growth. From iResearch monitoring results, the 2013Q2 product will order conversion rate from access to place http://www.83666399.com/news/html/?67338.html an order for 3.7% Nike Flex Experience RN quarter average value, peaked in June 4.2%, market ranking. total operating expenses were $77320000, down three fee proportion of Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale 2013Q2 the only product will be operating expenses of $77320000, a yearonyear growth of 118.6%. Among them, the cost of performance of total revenue in the proportion of 12.2%, compared with the same period last year, down 3 percentage points; in addition, the cost of sales and administrative expenses accounted for the proportion of the total revenue has decreased in varying degrees, only the technology and content of cost rising proportion. Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale iResearch analysis, order quantity 2013Q2 only products significantly enhance the resulting growth in total operating expenses. The cost of performance is in proportion to the Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale total revenue drop is due to the only product will expand the storage capacity and adhere to the floor distribution logistics model. Warehousing and distribution costs are typically occupy more than 70% of the cost of logistics, distribution cost is greater than the cost of storage. In order to control the logistics cost, the only product will stick with the third party logistics enterprise cooperation. At present, in the whole logistics chain, landing with accounted for more than 98%, the remaining 2% by other courier. Therefore, the only product will perform cost reducing proportion. However, there is a higher risk of cooperation with third party logistics, electronic commerce to ensure strict in the assessment link, suggested Nike Max 90 Current Moire that vipshop fosters the core logistics business and services, integrity avoid logistics link

in the China education in the course of development

The page, in the China education in the course of development, is undoubtedly a strange flower. with the rise of online education in recent Nike Air Force Ones years, the Shanghai private enterprises from the corner jumped to center stage, it was found that, after more than ten years of development, Nike Air Foamposite Women the user is the Internet education enterprise far beyond imagination. Then, the team and its founder, started to accept the inspection in the spotlight. Fu Cairui, born in 1979, his name is more familiar to Arno. In 2001, it is Junior Arno founded the Hujiang Lin BBS, an online in 2003, 2006 by 8 founding team, 80000 yuan of funds to start, open operation Hujiang company. feelings and pragmatic, smart and lack of imagination, he left a deep impression to the reporter. Hujiang go to today, has a close relationship with these characteristics of the founder, but apparently he has bigger ambitions: in an interview, he mentioned the need to do Chinese education online in the entrance. how to achieve this we may wish to listen to Arno’s The master exposes himself. The advantage of Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale we are more understand user twentyfirst Century economic report the following abbreviaMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Grey Navy Blue Whitetion twentyfirst Century: at the beginning of this year, Shanghai has been adjusted in the organizational structure, set up a special partnership sector, to pave the way for the development of Shanghai to the platform. Now several domestic online Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale educational enterprises http://redmanstore.com/Blog/i-found-the-free-race-nike-air-max-canada-surprisingly-fast-and-responsive.html have also made clear to do platform, have stressed the need to keep up with the downstream enterprises to cooperate. We can provide what partners? Arno: it sure everyone considered, otherwise you can’t win. The reason why we started towards the platform type direction, not Nike Air Max Mens accomplish at one stroke moment decision is the result of longterm thinking, month after month and year after year. We do this in the school B2C project, do third years found that there are some Air Jordan Shoes Mens disadvantages, the content level insufficient assets. Then, we a lot of content is cooperative, is a kind of invitation of cooperation, realize the similar Jingdong store mode. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale Content production subcontract, the partner’s content in Shanghai, the effect is very good, basically Blake Griffin Shoes once partner cooperation with us not to leave, also can let him to concentrate on what they are best at. addition, the Shanghai has mode from the beginning, the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice foundation partners have been, with partners to exchange can clearly know what they need, the partnership itself will not be able to finish this thing alone, so they need in this platform. The magnitude of this demand is very large, extended from training institutions to include publications, the traditional system of school and other related organizations. The again, after a long period of our study, know more learners’ than other Internet Education practitioners. Some people may go to take a business platform, use is also very convenient, but the biggest problem: how

in the Chinese Industry Development Summit

in the Chinese Industry Development Summit, consultation of strategic and operational consulting division of Ovid deputy director Wang Peng said, the general office of the State Council made clear earlier this year: allow foreign enterprises to engage in recreational equipment production and sales, through the cultural management content review gaming and entertainment equipment for the domestic market sales, since then the lifting of the ban, the official Chinese game market was banned for 13 years. Game host the lifting of the ban, the formation of TV end game market environment and game resources constitute a major positive, is expected to the development of intelligent video games will usher in blowout of the future. smart TV is brand new game platform to show in front of users. On the one hand, intelligent TV chip technology promotion, the operation ability breakthrough performance threshold, which provide technical conditions for fast running game. On the other hand, intelligent TV is rapidly spreading, boosting the video game market has expanded rapidly. According to the data show that in 2014 June, Oviedo, intelligent TV penetration rate has reached 61%, Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale expected the second half of this year the number will increase to 70Mens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Silver Grey Black%. Therefore, the game has become the user in the TV side in addition to watch video, use the most attention, the highest scene. Consumer attention degree reached 53% somatosensory game, has become a key concern after the online video on demand, interactive multi frequency. Wang Peng stressed, compared to other terminal game, intelligent video game to the lack of investment, not only for personal entertainment, more family entertainment provides a http://www.591hczs.com/read.php?tid=831&ds=1 relatively low cost solution, have larger development space. But now specifically for smart TV screen development relatively few Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice games. Most games are from PC, mobile phone, computer platform of Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale transplantation, the operation mode and commercial mode adjustment, in order to achieve a good Blake Griffin Shoes user experience, and generating revenue. development Nike Air Foamposite Women of intelligent video game industry, need to first grasp the characteristics of intelligent TV, find out its contents, terminal location. content, to take into account the entertainment, athletics and interactive games, but there is great Nike Air Max Mens difference between video games and Mobile Air Jordan Shoes Mens Games, Webpage Game etc TV game pieces leisure performance is weak, users prefer severe entertainment, the depth of experience type TV game; users are generally not professional game player, so not choose professional athletics, but AI competitive or against competitive; because of general for more people to participate in the game, not limited to remote or keyboard, so it is more suitable to be used in direct interaction into the game. smart TV game is the main terminal and terminal. The operator terminal through competitive bidding, the general configuration, control and TV manufacturer Co., but its stock a large number of charges, convenient, can quickly create benefit. According to Oliver Wyman A data shows, only 2013, terminal stock operator of the game terminal has about 285000000 units, far higher than the Internet terminal stock. While the Internet terminal exists bottleneck, the user experience of Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale payment is poor; but the high profile, Nike Air Force Ones update soon, and hardware manufacturers can produce equipment, so the control force is strong, the fast pace of development of the future, a huge space.

China postal will invest 100000000 yuan to establish electronic payment service base

news, China postal will invest 100000000 yuan to establish electronic payment service base, force mobile phone and pay, planning to apply for the payment business type for the Internet payment and mobile phone payment, business coverage for the national. Announcement shows, China postal Group invested 82000000 yuan, accounting for more than 82%; Chongqing city and Shaanxi province postal separately funded 9000000 yuan, accounting for 9%, the office is located in Chongqing. is pondering that, about a month ago, China postal announced and reached a strategic cooperation, the future will be deep in logistics, business cooperation, joint efforts to build the China intelligent logistics backbone Nike Air Max Mens network i.e. rookie network. Now China post also take Alibaba, do, disguised with Ali to compete, it inevitable that some people don’t quite understand. mobile payment market opportunities for according to the relevant data shows, 2013, the third party payment market scale reached 16 yuan. Among them, the co processing of Internet payment service 15001000000 pen, amount of 8.96 yuan, 43.47% growth compared with the previous Mens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Purple Greyyear and 30.04%. payment mechanism of CO processing of mobile payment business 3777000000 pen, amount of 1.19 yuan, 78.75% Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale growth compared with the previous year Blake Griffin Shoes and 556.75%, even if the mobile payment market triggered a pure user behavior, also have Shushuqianyi scale. combines the data, we can only be understood as Chinese postal coveted this trillion market. To know the relevant policies of http://www.83666399.com/news/html/?67354.html the trillion market is not yet Air Jordan Shoes Mens clear, competition Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale is not stable. Although China UnionPay, pay treasure and TenPay three occupy the majority Nike Air Force Ones of market share near monopoly, but their business mode has a world of difference, the former is the POS receipt, which is twodimensional code, Internet related payment. is the most important, the central bank has issued a moratorium on the use of twodimensional code payment. That is to say, the market of general business is very contradictory, and has not been finalized, may Chinese post is to see Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice this opportunity, so the only choice at the moment into the bureau. There may is, Chinese postal future online their business or Internet banking business, Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale do Nike Air Foamposite Women pay is in for electric or Internet banking business layout. The SF was layout of electric business logic, to nurture the logistics, banking, opening a new business path. so the question is, China postal and Alipay, TenPay hundreds of third party payment institutions, where is the advantage? Reference SF difficult electric road, we can foresee, logistics enterprise business success is hard to counter attack, network advantage is also very difficult to the final show, aside from strategy, the implementation level, user habits are the biggest problems, these problems are the future Chinese postal may encounter problems. now turn around, or too late to change the direction of view, Chinese post at the moment turn, may be too late. Root

Abstract this report aims to explore new mode China secondhand car industry and the Internet combined with innovative and efficient trading services

Abstract this report aims to explore new mode China secondhand car industry and the Internet combined with innovative and efficient trading services, and summarizes the latest developments in the first half of 2014 the industry. In this report, the secondhand car dealer refers to the generalized with the help of the Internet and mobile Internet, to secondhand car marketing Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale object, information and transaction activities of each link in Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale the secondhand car trading, marketing, evaluation, consumption and service enterprises in the narrow sense refers to the secondhand car business to focus on secondhand car trading with the combination of traditional Internet, deeply involved in the secondhand car trading, ecommerce platform and provides trading services. Automobile production link nearly 70% of the profits of the contribution by the circulation and after sale service link. The secondhand car as Air Jordan Shoes Womens the car circulation value chain is the most important part, Chinese secondhand car market potential is tremendous, foreground is unprecedented. From 2000 to 2013 14 years, Nike Air Max Womens the volume of transactions of secondhand Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale car market from 251700 vehicles increased to 5203300 vehicles, an increase of nearly 20 times, the amount of the transaction has reached the scale Mens Nike Air Max 89 Black White Blueof 291649000000 yuan, an increase of 46 over 2000 times. China Automobile Association is expected to 2014, annual transaction volume growth rate will reach 8%10% in 2020 over the same period, to Chinese secondhand car trading scale reached 29200000 vehicles. New and used car transaction scale proportion will be close to http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-definitively-changed-athletic-performance.html 1:1, the basic characteristics of Chinese automobile market will be more reflected in mature markets. The rapid growth of the scale of the circulation of secondhand car, will promote the recycling consumption, promote the healthy development of the auto industry, in the guiding production, expand consumption, promote employment, to promote stable and rapid economic development, improving people’s living standard will play an important role. With the Internet and mobile Internet technologies mature, domestic secondhand car in the past 3 years the emergence of a variety of emerging Jordan Nubuck Men business model, the industry inside and outside and capital concern, the development of secondhand car Blake Griffin Shoes dealer is more to Glow in the Dark Jordan Men bring the huge influence to the automobile industry and the automobile circulation industry. Ari has been focusing on advertising, Internet media, ecommerce, online games, and other wireless valueadded Internet economy research, innovation of this article is devoted to the study of the market circulation of automobile, explore the development platform, including the auction consignment mode, purchase and sale mode, transaction advisory platform, third party valuation, the secondhand car major emerging patterns in the China. Ai Rui hope to secondhand car business industry report, can Kobe Bryant Shoes help the readers to understand more deeply the main participants and their current business models Chinese secondhand car market, and this insight into the current situation of the development of China secondhand car industry and the future trend of development, then to promote the China leap in the development of secondhand car market growing, orderly contribution strength.